Obama’s Syria Attack Resolution Authorizes Boots on the Ground

Vatic Note:  Ok, this is it, folks, the beginning of WW III that we are designated and set up by the zionists bankers to lose. Scroll down on this link about the set up and notice a full list of all of the other attacks on our military readiness.  The drugging of our soldiers, the extended terms and the lose of families and jobs due to such extentions.  So much against our soldiers that they got depressed and many have committed suicide.  Or did they?  Satanism has also been inculcated into our military.   

Don't believe me?  We  proved it on here with many  different events that showed we were the designated losers. 

1.  Israel sold the plans for the New advance F-22 plane that we invested so much in to advance our air superiority, to China who has now made modifications and began producing these planes.  In the mean time our military stopped the production of our F-22.  Now this is serious Treason.

2.  Military weapons electronic parts sent out to be manufactured  by
China, were the wrong parts and now our weapons do not work right.

3.  The US has shared space technology with China,  What?

4.  Finland stopped a large cargo ship and inspected it and it was bound for China and was filled with advanced Patriot Missiles and the charge explosives used to sent them up into space.  Israel sold the missles to China.  I thought they were suppose to be our ally? 

These bankers did the same thing to Hitler, and after he lost the war, the allies occupied Germany including the Russians w ho then massacred over 3 million German civilians. If we lose this war as they plan for us to do, then we will be occupied by China and Russia and I suspect millions of us will be massacred.   We can stop this by telling our reps, that we are  serious as a heart attack that they better not vote for that resolution listed below. 

Here is where the treason comes in..... I sent all this information to SENATOR UDALL OF COLORADO, AND SENATOR BENNETT OF COLORADO, AND NEITHER OF THEM EVER RESPONDED, AND FOR MONTHS I CALLED AND ASKED WHERE MY RESPONSE FROM THE SENATORS WERE?  THE STAFF VERIFIED THE EMAIL WAS RECEIVED AND READ BY THE STAFF, AND THE SENATORS, BUT STILL NO RESPONSE,  FEW MONTHS AFTER THAT, i CALLED AGAIN AND ASKED IF ANYONE HAD VERIFIED ALL THAT i HAD SENT, THEY TOLD ME THEY WOULD CHECK AND GET BACK TO ME. THEY NEVER DID GET BACK TO ME. This all took about 6 months of trying to get someone to respond to me and no one would, so both of those senators    are fully culpable of treason because now its close to being our new reality.

If they vote for that resolution, knowing full well, all that I gave to you in this blog in all those links,  and they vote for it knowing we are set up to lose the war, then there is no room for anything but accountability for their treason.

They made their choice once they vote for that resolution and then they WILL PAY FOR IT. Please read this and pass this evidence of treason against our country and our soldiers to your own senators so they know full well what we all now know and if they do not respond accordingly and they vote for that resolution, then you know what you have to do in your own back yard, just like we know here in Colorado know what we have to do as well.

Obama’s Syria Attack Resolution Authorizes Boots on the Ground
Paul Joseph Watson
September 3, 2013

Plan for military intervention greases skids for war throughout the region, says Harvard professor

The Obama administration’s draft resolution for military intervention which Congress is set to vote on next week is so broad that it would authorize boots on the ground as well as regime change and open ended war throughout the entire region, according to Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Goldsmith served as Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel from 2003–2004, and Special Counsel to the Department of Defense from 2002–2003.
In an article for the Lawfare Blog, Goldsmith reveals how the White House’s proposed Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) would give Obama the power to deploy ground troops in Syria, despite the administration’s claims that it is only seeking to carry out “limited” strikes that have no connection to regime change.
“The phrase ‘The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate’ would include authorization for ground troops, should the President decide they were ‘necessary and appropriate,’” writes Goldsmith.
Goldsmith points out that although the resolution authorizes the President to use the US military to “protect the United States and its allies and partners against the threat posed by (chemical weapons),” it does not limit the countries or groups against which this mandate applies.  (VN: He did not say what it means if we were the ones that gave the chemical weapons to the rebels and they worked for us and used them to try and blame Assad.  What is our legal standing then?  A black ops is not a legitimate exemption from the rule.)
“The proposed AUMF focuses on Syrian WMD but is otherwise very broad. It authorizes the President to use any element of the U.S. Armed Forces and any method of force. It does not contain specific limits on targets – either in terms of the identity of the targets (e.g. the Syrian government, Syrian rebels, Hezbollah, Iran) or the geography of the targets,” writes Goldsmith, emphasizing that the language does not limit military force to the territory of Syria, merely that it must be connected to WMD use in the Syrian conflict.  (VN: so the set up worked, according to Goldsmith, who surprisingly knows nothing about who really did the chemical attack, which surprises me since the rest of the bloody world knows.)
The AUMF also contains no time limit for when this mandate expires without further congressional approval, meaning it creates the pretext for an open ended war that would “permit the President to use military force against any target anywhere in the world (including Iran or Lebanon) as long as the President, in his discretion, determines that the the target has a connection to WMD in the Syrian civil war.”  (VN:   LIKE BENGHAZI HE KNOWS FULL WELL WHAT WENT DOWN, IF NOT AUTHORIZED IT LIKE IT CAME OUT THAT HE DID IN BENGHAZI. i HATE THAT THEY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID.)

In response to complaints that the authorization is far too broad and would possibly be rejected by Congress on this basis, the Washington Post reports the the administration may be preparing to, “rewrite the proposed resolution to clarify that any operation would be limited in scope and duration and would not include the use of ground troops.”
Former vice chief of staff of the US Army General Jack Keane told BBC Radio 4 today that Obama’s claim that the planned missile strike on Syria will merely be an act of punishment for the use of chemical weapons and not intended to sway the course of the conflict or damage Assad’s military capacity is not the case.
“What he has told the two senators is that he also intends to assist the opposition forces, so he is going to degrade Assad’s military capacity and he is going to assist and upgrade the opposition forces with training assistance,” said Keane, adding that the attack plan has “much more substance than we were led to believe”.

Secretary of State John Kerry and another unnamed senior State Department official have both made it clear that the Obama administration will proceed with an attack on Syria whether Congress gives the green light or not.   (VN:  then that proves "treason" beyond any reasonable doubt,  he is not KING or EMPEROR of American, President is a part of the executive branch and that  is one branch of government,   with a balancing of his power through congress.  HE NEEDS TO EDUCATE HIS ISRAELI HANDLERS ABOUT OUR SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE, THIS IS "NOT" ISRAEL. AND "KOHN" KERRY WORKS FOR US, NOT ISRAEL, IF HE WANTS TO WORK FOR THEM, THEN MOVE  THERE AND DO IT LEGALLY.)   
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.
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