RH neg - Part 2 - The Serpent Scion: Mythic Traditions and the Brotherhood of the Snake -

***WARNING:  Nudity below

Vatic Note:  This author was very very careful not to place too much weight on the issue of alien insertion into our genetic makeup, but at the same time managed to educate us on the various conspiracies surrounding the issue.  Given our research on the subject, I decided to insert corrections where either he misrepresented the conspiracy, or limited it,  or simply provided early info before later info expanded on the issue. I did so through my "VN:" inserted into paragraphs that were relevant. 

As our regulars know, we have done a lot of blogs on this issue and published what we could find in the literature.  We found that the most sources of info for this were those who started out to research RH Neg Blood, which is how we got into it as well. 
- See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends-opinion-guest-authors/serpent-scion-mythic-traditions-and-brotherhood-snake-part-2#sthash.nCrsgMDw.dpuf

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