"The Power of Suggestion": or is it "The Power of Manipulation"?

Vatic Note:  This is excellent and a must read.  One point she made that grabbed me was the point that we become mentally "lazy" when all we do is "absorb" that which is fed to us without thinking, questioning, or analyzing.   Part of the results of the technological revolution was the decreasing value to "critical thinking skills".   Technology through the TV has been used from the beginning as a mind control/brainwashing tool for the masses.

Think about it for a moment.  A child is born, he/she begins to cry, and thus is put in front of a TV with animated creatures scrambling around which distracts the child from communicating his needs to his care giver.  So he learns that if he cries, he will be stimulated.  Babysitters also put our children, like we do, in front of the TV to baby sit that child, so what happens?  The child does not develop the skills that accompanies early interaction with other humans.  Rather it learns to absorb and not "interact".

So, now this child begins life in front of a TV set, and eventually progresses to an IPOD animated electronic game that is programmed and designed by many who are social engineers, and they direct the game into whatever social engineering direction the elite are heading in at this particular time.   Some are "war games" to prepare or test the child in such skills,  others are violent games with murder, death and destruction, to meet the social engineering agenda of diminishing the value of a single human life for its own sake in favor of a life that is productive and thus valuable to society. 

Now lets follow him/her into adulthood.  He/she has joined the military and sits down in front of a "drone" camera and computer system that allows the killing of unarmed civilians.   That soldier experiences no empathy or compassion for the victims he is creating, because those traits were never developed and in fact were devolved from previous humans that used to have fully  developed appreciation for human  life.   So, what we are creating in essence, is a new species void of any spirituality of any kind.   Is that the direction we want to go in?  Well, now is the time to stop it, before its too late.

The Power of Suggestion
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Beverly Blanchard | August 22, 2013 | Waking Times

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