“The Framing of an Oyster Farm”

Vatic Note: What we are seeing here is the beginning, through gradualism, of the fascist confiscation of land and assets without compensation even resembling the value of the property.   This fits right in with the farm forclosures going on as we speak. 

Add to that the parallel program of food control as well.  The only way to control and guard against resistance is to control the food supply and this fits right on with that as well.  The fact that its an oyster farm might also have to do with population control in an indirect circular way.  (Or it could just be my imagination. lol )  It also may well have to do with profits.

Just look in this article the name of a company involved that is a development company.  This is like Haiti and the gulf blow out, where these bankers come in with their front companies and buy up the land for pennies on the dollar and make them into high priced resorts for their rich friends.  They basically steal the land by manipulating the government which is moving more and more toward fascism. 

What I got from this, which I intellectually knew, but now viscerally know, is the pain and suffering these hard working, honest, well intentioned people are going through with doing what is right, and expected of them,  and finding out the entire world they thought they knew, is a big lie.   There is no reward for honesty in this system engineered by the zionist bankers, since its dishonest at its core, and that is like losing a loved one and suffering that pain at the deepest level.

When one finds ones dreams are all based on fabrications and non existant fantasies,  one suffers from Cognitive dissonance once its realized that all is a lie.   This truly brought that home to me in doing this blog and that is a murder of sorts, especially when its intentional and done to cause just such pain to in individuals in order to demoralize and weaken a nation. 

Please take the time to read this and ponder, in what way can we help support these people.  We are going to need to start doing this even if they are perfect strangers.  There, but for the grace of God, goes anyone of us. 

The Framing of an Oyster Farm - Drake's Bay Oyster Company from A Visual Record on Vimeo.
by Admin, Vimeo

In a campaign to drive a small family oyster farm out of business, the National Park Service and environmental groups have leveled many charges of serious environmental harm against the Drakes Bay Oyster Company in Marin County. 

A video produced by an independent production crew sheds light on the bogus data a nationally-known scientist discovered upon investigation and the effect this campaign has had on this family farm.

The federal government has spent millions on the effort to oust the oyster farm from the spot on Drakes Estero it has occupied for decades. The Secretary of the Interior is scheduled to decide the oyster farm's fate in the next few weeks.

The video shows incredible evidence of a smear campaign, a small business in peril and a family reeling from accusations the National Academy of Sciences concluded have no basis in fact.

If you'd like to sign a petition to reverse the decision made by Secretary Salazar, please visit this link:

(Petition did not meet the threshold for submission to the President, so its been taken off the Website) (VN: I guess it depends on who is doing the counting.)

The Framing of an Oyster Farm - Drake's Bay Oyster Company from A Visual Record on Vimeo.

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