Planet Nibiru Sighting Shown on Chinese News

Vatic Note: So, the question here is "Would the Chinese fabricate a photo of alledged Nibiru to support the bankers purposes?"  If the answer is no, then this below could be considered true and we would have to go somewhere to try and get tips on how to ..... etc.  If the answer is yes, they would bogus up a photo for the apparatcha state, then you don't know what is real and what isn't.  similar to the situation we are in now, here, thanks to International bankers that also now run China.

To look at the bright side of this situation,  the PTB's constant attempt to deceive us, has resulted in our having to use our critical thinking skills much more than ever before.  That is the good   news.  We are becoming much more advanced in those skills than ever before.  Our school system does everything they can to marginalize the creative mind, and places more emphasis on "memorizing" instead of "thinking", pondering  and otherwise contemplating.  I am so glad I grew up when I did.

Its time to "defederalize" our school system and get back to local level control of it all.  When we did that in the past, our educated population was 2nd in the world in education levels, but now  we are 39th and dropping .  When a person is uneducated and has no discernment,  fear becomes a greater force in their lives, and leaves much room for manipulation through fear.   That is when we make very bad decisions, and that is what can bring us down.

While I believe Nibiru is coming or even here, I do not have any evidence that  I could find that proves, the planet is accompanied by alien beings.  This is the mystery that will be solved eventually and if true, then I believe they are at least benevolent, rather than dangerous.  If true, it may explain why all this time no false flags with nukes as the PTB tried to convince us, were coming.   So check this out and decide for yourselves.

Planet Nibiru Sighting Shown on Chinese News
by David Veritas,  Before  Its News, August 29, 2013

Interesting Planet Nibiru Sighting Shown on Chinese News Broadcast.
I just came across a pretty interesting Chinese News Broadcast that appears to be documenting a Nibiru Sighting. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Chinese, you’ll get the gist of it from when they show the footage of what appears to be a dual planet system or nibiru and a brown dwarf next to each other in the sky.
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Check out the video below to see for yourself. The sighting is shown pretty early on in the broadcast:


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