The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection

Vatic Note:  This is a compilation of the many facets of the Denver Illuminti Zionist Connection that is added to the 4 part series we did about these insane people and their preoccupation with Denver, CO.  We started it by questioning why in the world the CIA would move its headquarters to Denver, so far away from  where all the action is for their particular occupation.

What we did was compile information and connections over a 4 part series that included the Queen of england,  The royalty of Europe and their purchasing of land around the Denver airport, and then Satanic ritual abuses conducted in a castle in a suburb of Denver, attended by the elite of this country including Bush Sr, plus the leaders of other western nations partaking in such abuses.  From the looks of it all, we are getting an idea as to why denver is so important to them.

Stew is postulating the involvement of demons they are able to conjure up through ritual sacrifices.   He also dies in the banking scam with the countries that have suffered abuse by us and Rothschilds Israel.   I think it hits pretty close to home, however, I will say, these insane ones have multiple agendas for everything.

Please check out these links and see just how far down the rabbit hole this involvement and relationships go.  Remember, Denver is on  an important ley line as we should in the previous series we did.   Anyway, read all these links and get the big picture.  

The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection
by Stew Webb, Whistleblower, For Veterans Today
The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection: Banksters, drug cartels and human traffickers. The Illuminati bloodlines families of the west (including the Bush’s, Millman’s and Mizel’s) Definitely have interaction with beings that I would also call djinn, but who they call demons, or daemon.

The USA and the UK top power brokers behind the scene interact with these beings during very unpleasant Rituals and ceremonies. (Human Sacrifices as reported by Stew Webb Whistleblower) I noted that the countries slotted for invasion and takeover, were always countries Whose central economies were not ‘hooked’ in directly to the global economy? To me, THAT was the determining factor about who was going to be liberated or Invaded by those controlling the USA. From US Intel to Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

The Zionist Gang Behind New York’s 9-11 Conference

TV 9 News Denver asked what is under the Denver Airport

Frauds Are Us At MDC-NYSE
Preston James, Ph.D Veterans Today
August 18, 2013 – 9:24 pm
As usual another most excellent article by Stew Webb, foremost Federal crime whistle-blower, a man whose outrageous claims just always seem to end up validated, time after time. Stew’s accuracy has been proved to be stunning many times over in the past, because he saw many of thse matters closeup and was victimized by these perps.

Stew fully exposes these RICO criminal slime-balls who have sold their souls to obtain luciferian annointing and huge riches and power. Their perversions and serial murders are monstrous and their evil is so great that it is incredulous to most unless well informed about high level USG Rico and banking crimes.

Judgment is coming to these slime-balls and it won’t be long. When the SHTF they will be thrown under the bus along with their compatriots fellow Rico criminals.

John McCain’s Wife Hiding War Profits, Untaxed Off-Shore Accounts?

Who is America’s Moriarity?

THE CONTRA COKE TRAIN: The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection

From Cradle to Cabal

Iran Contra Frauds and The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection

Junk Bond Daisy Chain Frauds The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection

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