NASA Archives proves NASA knew about Nibiru a long time Ago

Vatic Note:   We should have known NASA would hide this from us, after all, the agency was transfered to control of the Naval Space Division of the Military.  A lot changed when that happened.  Shuttle flights were discontinued and top secret military flights were instituted with little or not info to the general public.

We also began to see space cooperation between the USA and China... huh?  I thought China was a potential enemy of the US and giving up our space weapons secrets is not a good idea to do when contemplating a World War 3, UNLESS you intend to lose that war?  That would fit with other evidence we presented showing the international bankers intent to have the US lose WW 3. 

Well, its an interesting read and video interview with Stitchen, so enjoy and decide for yourselves what you think about all this. 

Nibiru Planet X Evidence Revealed in NASA Archives
By: David Veritas, ALT Headlines, August 21,  2013                                                        
In an archived video, Dr. Robert S. Harrington, Supervisory Astronomer for the US Naval Observatory in an interview with Nibiru researcher Zacheria Sitchin reveal forgotten or covered up information that NASA and many astronomers have known about the existence of a planetary body believed to be Planet X / Nibiru.
Here are 2 very revealing quotes from NASA Press release of 1992:

“Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the Sun.” ( NASA Press Release, 1992)

“Astronomers are so sure of the 10th planet they think there is nothing left but to name it” Ray T. Reynolds, NASA (NASA Press Release, 1992)
Dr. Robert S. Harrington Interview with Zacheria Sitchin

On this video below (around 5:30 minute mark) you will see several proposed Nibiru / Planet X orbits overlaid on the same orbital map by various leading researchers including:

- Dr. Robert S. Harrington, Supervisory Astronomer for the US Naval Observatory
- Gill Broussard, Biblical and Chinese Documents, Overlaid with NASA Published Documents and the Hebrew Calender.
- The area that two astrophysicists at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette say they found evidence of a new planet as well as a UK astronomer also indicated this same region in space.

There are also other startling revelations regarding NASA’s space probes and other clues to Nibiru / Planet X’s orbit on this video:


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Anonymous said...

Is "Planet Nibiru" Chinese for "Planet Kolob"?

If you don't believe NASA landed on the Moon, why are you so quick to believe other info from NASA's archives?

~ Salvatore ~

Vatic Master said...

Very good question. First of all the moon landing was proven false by other means than relying on NASA, but using thier own photos and video, so they told on themselves in those photos and videos, so that was easy.

As for this, it was done a long time before NASA was turned over to the military and we showed the associated news reports from other scientists in other countries. Easy again.