Something Strange About ISON- You Might Want To See This

Vatic Note: While this makes perfect sense, and I believe its worth consideration, I also feel it important, given the disinfo going on right now, that reminders of information we received should be put out upfront before viewing these below, so discernment can be used while watching and listening as well as reading.  You read and decide.  I say all  this because I have had experience with Live Free and Die disinfoing for the evil ones.

Having said that,  they also always include "truth" in their offerings.  I just  keep asking, "what is it they want us to do or believe?".  This one is easy.   According to this video they intend to use this crisis  to have foreign military take over the United states, which they need in order to FORCE US TO GLOBALIZE. But add to that the war games they have been doing for natural disasters, there could also be included a bit of the BILL COOPER SCENARIO OF FALSE ALIENS IN OUR SPACE DIVISIONS SPACE SHIPS.

What I liked about this was all the explanations of where they found these artifacts, and what they all had in common even though they were so far apart IF THIS IS ALL TRUE.  These archeologists have a fun job.   The expertise is global and fascinating interpretation and translation.

But then the Texas accented presenter moves right into proving that Ison is really a space ship, and right away I saw it all as Bill Cooper laid it out years ago back in the late 80's, right around the time he also predicted 9-11.

That is what got him killed.  By the same token, the whistle blower we covered said that "archeological" finds were manufactured by the evil ones, and then would lead us into them taking us over.   This below appears to be the lead in to the RAHM EMMANUAL "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE."

So, is this to talk us into taking everything they do passively?  Is that why we are made into the nazi's by the elite, so the world won't feel any guilt in brutalizing us?  Was one of the purposes of WW III to weaken our nation, scare our people so we will surrender?   Lots of questions.  I have my own ideas about this, AND I am prepared, so all I can say is if you prepare in every way, then it will not be as bad as if you are hit cold with it.

In the video he assumes that our soldiers are normal and what will happen, but he does not take into account the psychotropic drugs they have been feeding this soldiers all these years along with satanizing them in the military.  Both the drugging and Satanizing would wipe out any conscience or human feelings they once had, so they won't be able to be trusted.

The other reason they maybe doing this is to get martial law by making us so afraid we will over react, so we are going to have to play this one by ear.   Our soldiers have been training with the Russians and other countries here in this country, showing them our ways and techniques and now we know why.  FINALLY. Those are the guys who we are suppose to fight in WW III.  Or is all of this a distraction  for something else.  Who knows. Only Such unbelievably insane evil minds, could conjure up such insane plans.

Something Strange About ISON- You Might Want To See This

This compilation Comet ISON video from YouTube videographer 11kungfu11 takes a totally unique view of ISON that I find quite unusual. Was Comet ISON given its name for a completely esoteric reason by the ‘illuminati’? Is Comet ISON somehow related to the ancient pyramids and the ‘all seeing eye’ symbolism? Get ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole…


VN:  Now comes what appears to be the all seeing eye, but once you watch this, doubts might just arise.   This was a "different" and interesting approach to this subject and well worth the time to investigate.  

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