Police Threaten Church Group with Jail Time for Feeding The Homeless

Vatic Note:  This, to my way of thinking, has a two fold purpose for the evil ones.  Remember these cops are hand selected and trained by the Fusia centers in each state and its why they all look the same..... why they all do the same to the most vulnerable of our citizens.   They especially picked a church to do this with in order to prepare their cops for the day when church going people will be rounded up as has been the case with these khazars in every revolution and world war they have started.  They have killed millions of Christians.

Notice TSA picked on children to molest?  Notice they humiliate and intimidate as well as gropple to let you know who has power and who does not?  Its a form of indoctrination and brain washing.  It works best on children, very old people and the most vulnerable like a homeless person who has nothing.  Homeland security is what is common to these incidences since they train the cops everywhere in every state.  Its also staffed by heartless, soul-less khazars.

Its also a screening of those who are powerful and stand up to these animals.  They keep their names for later when the camps become an issue. What is very interesting is that nothing has changed because of it.  Exposure is still happening as we speak,  expanded consciousness is still going on, synchronicity is still alive and well for us all.  So why isn't it working?  Because they are "late" and now its almost too late for these tactics.  They will have to try something new. 

Police Threaten Church Group with Jail Time for Feeding The Homeless
by "the Truth", Before its' News, Aug 27, 13
That is absolutely ridiculous, How is it a crime to feed a homeless! I thought the police were for the people but not against the people. I don’t understand how someone can even be too dumb to think like that. The terrorist wont even kill or harm you for feeding a homeless. What is wrong with the police?

(VN:  what bothered me most about this news report was the cavalier way these reporters justified the inhumanity of what the cops were doing without answering the key  question..... "How come they decide now after letting them do this for 6  years without a problem?"  When was the law passed?  Lots of questions and none of them from the news reporters.  A citizen complains so now we get another damn freedom destroying law???  If someone feeds poison to the homeless person, then they go to jail for murder.  There are laws already on the books for that.  No one mentioned it.   This is how tyranny begins.... by us asking for it.) 

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