A VATIC MUST WATCH: This Was So Powerful, That its the Only one I am putting up on Saturday.

Vatic Note:   This was sent to me by one of our overseas readers and it was so powerful, I just had to put it up.  It was not just the message about valuing and nurturing our loved ones, and what soul destroying loss, losing a loved one is.... but it was also the haunting, and beautiful music as well as the realization that we are all the same all over the world with one exception, of course, since there are those who "lack a soul" and are incapable of feeling love for anything, except themselves and love of wealth and power.

But it was a reminder that those who are "promoted" as our enemies, are also just like we are, in that we experience the same things such as love,  commitment,  loss, and pain and suffering over those loses.   I hope you get as much out of it as I did.  Its also a change of pace without losing perspective on how much alike we all are.  One thing this conveyed perfectly is "Do not take your loved ones for granted since time can rob us of what is important to us, as can tragedy".  Cherish them while you have them with you and cherish those precious moments together. 

Its a rare thing when you can listen to a song in a foreign language and get the full impact of the meaning and purpose of the song. That is true talent from the heart which is the more powerful than the ego driven brain.  Those of us that have souls,  can feel each other and communicate without knowing the words and this was just such an example.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jeffrey Iqbal - Balam
Published by Jeffrey Iqbal - Balam

An Original song and music video by Jeffrey Iqbal entitled Balam. The message of this impactful and soulful song is not to take for granted our loved ones while we seek our goals and desires. There is no promise of tomorrow or that our loved ones will be around to love us forever.


A BIG thank you to all who made this possible:

Hanif Shaikh: Without whom these beautiful lyrics and overall song would not have been possible without. Forever grateful to my mentor and brother.

Shane Daniels: The beautiful visuals you see are all due to Shane. Translating the "Vision to Visuals" was spectacularly done with him.

Melanie Kannokada: The beautiful and talented Actress in this short film. I am SO grateful she graced this video with such brightness and beauty.

YOU: Thank you for watching and I hope this song touched you.

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