What is JINSA? VP explains. Just let it sink in a moment....

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Vatic Note:  Aaah, listen to this video and see who is running our military  and why the Khazar zionists, Bush Jr and Obama have purged non Jewish (khazars Zionists) top level officers out of the Pentagon.   The Khazar Zionists have completely taken over our military now (that explains Jade Helm 15) and that is why we are seeing the military do things here that we have never seen before, EXCEPT IN ISRAEL, a supposedly free country under a democratic system, which is proving to be a farce.  It also explains them murdering our soldiers on the USS Liberty, and snipe killing 400 of our soldier in Iraq!!  After all, we are just GOYIM to them and to be used to further their agenda...... THEY EVEN SAID THAT IN THE PROTOCOLS which were written by the khazar Rothschild.  
Is this their fulfillment of the PROTOCOLS IN TAKING OVER THE GLOBE USING OUR ADVANCED MILITARY AND TAXES TO PAY FOR IT????  Figures, they would do that, which is a perversion of the highest order..... take over a nation and its people and make the people pay for the whole thing, while the coup masters, strip the nation of all its wealth and introduce pedophilia, legalized prostitution, heavy duty pornography,  viagra,  Penis enhancements, etc...... 
Yup, now it all makes sense, since we are seeing here what we have seen continually in Israel. When the system stops arresting Rabbi's for paedophiling  our children,  then we will know the coup has been completed.   Is this why over 900,000 of our children have gone missing,  and not one word from the mainstream press OWNED BY THE ZIONISTS????  Tie this in with Satanism and it makes even more sense. 

What is JINSA? VP explains. Just let it sink in a moment.... 
Published by Israhell is the problem on May 11, 2015
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