VATIC CHANGE OF PACE: The Simplest Test Can Reveal If Your Dog Loves You

Vatic Note:  I have two dogs, both were somewhat rescue dogs and believe me they are fully oxytocin and loving dogs.   They both know what it was like to be abandoned, kicked around, and not fed for days on end.   Just giving them a decent stable life with a lot of love,  transforms them into total sweeties.  I love my dogs.  

VATIC CHANGE OF PACE:  The Simplest Test Can Reveal If Your Dog Loves You
By Lisa Bernier,  Barkpost, April, 2015

Is your relationship with your pup missing that old spark? Then try giving them some of that sweet eye-to-eye contact.

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A recent Australian study at Monash University found that when a dog’s brain is flooded with oxytocin, they were able to follow the social cues of humans better.

One of the things that may cause such a flood is eye contact.

Not only will this strengthen your bond with your pup, but they’ll be more obedient. Well, they’ll follow social cues at least.

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Oxytocin is better known as the happy or love hormone. It’s the chemical in the brain that makes mother-baby bonding so powerful. Scientists are also beginning to suspect it plays a much bigger role in the dog-human bond as well, with both species.


In the study, 31 male and 31 female dogs were given either a nasal spray dose of oxytocin or a saline placebo. The dogs were then tested on whether they could pick up on the clue of a human pointing at where a treat was hidden.
The results? Those given oxytocin performed far better than those who were not.
This seems to give a boost to positive reinforcement training techniques. So the next time your pup ignores you, make it the BEST EFFIN’ THING EVER for them to do. Maybe they’ll actually do it. Maybe.

Hey if love can move mountains, it can surely get your puppy potty trained. Right?

For the full study, check out the results in the journal Animal Cognition

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