Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It

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Vatic Note:   I don't want to "note you to death", so I am going to defer to Northern Truthseeker, since both countries are in the same boat.  I will add my 2 cents in the sections below, that I have something to say about, otherwise, I believe these authors speak for all of us.   I see that the liberals and conservatives  are coming together and the only way to fight this movement is UNITED TOGETHER - ALL PEOPLE IN BOTH PARTIES AND IN BOTH COUNTRIES......"UNITED WE STAND, AND DIVIDED WE FALL."  a TRUISM IF I EVER HEARD ONE.  The Khazars are trying to divide us, to knock down our numbers to half of 380 million so they can then pit one side against the other, while they lay safe in their protected lairs. 

When you read what these elected officials, turned traitors,  are proposing, you will be as incensed as I am.  I am almost speechless with shock at the blatant and unbelievable gall these people have to commit treason right in front of our faces.   It shows how much they believe we will tolerate an assault against our freedoms.   Well, so be it.   


Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It
By Northern Truthseeker, May 14, 2015 

A Must Read: Greatest Threat To Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming To Fight It

I am still at a shock when it comes to how quickly this once free nation, Canada, has now fallen under tyranny thanks to the criminal actions of the Harper regime and their recent passage of the heinous Bill "C51".   It is so shocking that there was almost NO outcry from the Canadian people and their inaction in actually stopping that freedom stripping "bill" in its tracks.... Now it is too late for Canada, and we will indeed see freedom of speech and freedom of choice quickly disappear under the illusion of "more security"...

I came across an article today that I found rings so true when it comes to our crooked and criminal government stripping away freedoms from their citizens under the illusion that it is being done to protect the citizens from "terrorism"...... I want to present that important article right here for everyone to read for themselves... The article comes from "The Intercept" website, at www.firstlook.org/theintercept, and is entitled: "Greatest Threat To Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming To Fight It", and as usual I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It

By Glenn Greenwald

Featured photo - Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It
We learned recently from Paris that the Western world is deeply and passionately committed to free expression and ready to march and fight against attempts to suppress it. That’s a really good thing, since there are all sorts of severe suppression efforts underway in the West — perpetrated not by The Terrorists but by the Western politicians claiming to fight them.

One of the most alarming examples comes, not at all surprisingly, from the U.K. government, which is currently agitating for new counterterrorism powers, “including plans for extremism disruption orders designed to restrict those trying to radicalize young people.” Here are the powers which the British Freedom Fighters and Democracy Protectors are seeking:

They would include a ban on broadcasting and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print. The bill will also contain plans for banning orders for extremist organisations which seek to undermine democracy or use hate speech in public places, but it will fall short of banning on the grounds of provoking hatred.
It will also contain new powers to close premises including mosques where extremists seek to influence others. The powers of the Charity Commission to root out charities that misappropriate funds towards extremism and terrorism will also be strengthened.
In essence, advocating any ideas or working for any political outcomes regarded by British politicians as “extremist” will not only be a crime, but can be physically banned in advance. Basking in his election victory, Prime Minister David Cameron unleashed this Orwellian decree to explain why new Thought Police powers are needed: “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.'” It’s not enough for British subjects merely to “obey the law”; they must refrain from believing in or expressing ideas which Her Majesty’s Government dislikes.

If all that sounds menacing, tyrannical and even fascist to you — and really, how could it not? “extremism disruption orders” — you should really watch this video of Tory Home Secretary Theresa May trying to justify the bill in an interview on BBC this morning. When pressed on what “extremism” means — specifically, when something crosses the line from legitimate disagreement into criminal “extremism” — she evades the question completely, repeatedly invoking creepy slogans about the need to stop those who seek to “undermine Our British Values” and, instead, ensure “we are together as one society, One Nation” (I personally believe this was all more lyrical in its original German). Click here to watch the video and see the face of Western authoritarianism, advocating powers in the name of Freedom that are its very antithesis.
Threats to free speech can come from lots of places. But right now, the greatest threat by far in the West to ideals of free expression is coming not from radical Muslims, but from the very Western governments claiming to fight them. The increasingly unhinged, Cheney-sounding governments of the U.K., Australia, France, New Zealand and Canada — joining the U.S. — have a seemingly insatiable desire to curb freedoms in the name of protecting them:  

Prosecuting people for Facebook postings critical of Western militarism or selling “radical” cable channels, imprisoning people for “radical” tweets, banning websites containing ideas they dislike, seeking (and obtainingnew powers of surveillance and detention for those people (usually though not exclusively Muslim citizens) who hold and espouse views deemed by these governments to be “radical.”

Anticipating Prime Minister Cameron’s new “anti-extremist” bill (to be unveiled in the “Queen’s Speech”(you know, the khazar Queen), University of Bath Professor Bill DurodiĆ© said that “the window for free speech has now been firmly shut just a few months after so many political leaders walked in supposed solidarity for murdered cartoonists in France.” Actually, there has long been a broad, sustained assault in the West on core political liberties — specifically due process, free speech and free assembly — perpetrated not by “radical Muslims,” but by those who endlessly claim to fight them. Sadly, and tellingly, none of that has triggered parades or marches or widespread condemnation by Western journalists and pundits. But for those who truly believe in principles of free expression — as opposed to pretending to when it allows one to bash the Other Tribe — these are the assaults that need marches and protests.

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

NTS Notes: 
Lets first get one thing straight here once and for all... There is absolutely NO SUCH THING AS TERRORISM!.   The fraud called "terrorism" has always been a creation of our governments or groups such as the CIA and Mossad to strike fear into the general public... The fact is that these criminals know fully well the psychological effect that fear has on most gullible people, and the fact that most people will indeed become scared and go quickly to their "governments" and leaders, asking for "protection" and "safety" from said terrorists.... The governments of course offer their "solutions" to the "terrorist problem" including demanding their own citizens give up some of their personal freedoms for the imposition of more security and police for their "protection" from these fraud "terrorists"..... (VN: yup, he is right,  we have a major history of exactly that  happening in the past.  Time to shut that door permanently)

The article does focus on the actions of the criminal Cameron government in the United Kingdom as they work dilligently to strip away the British citizens freedoms for the illusion of 'protection' from "terrorists".   But of course that has been happening all over the world and the result indeed has seen our once free nations now being turned into police states where the citizens are absolutely no longer free at all.... But hey, they are indeed being fed the bullshit that the imposition of a police state makes them now "safer" from terrorists!  (VN:  I also believe that anything that violates our governing document under a rule of law government, is treason, big time and we all know what the penalty for treason is, now don't we?)

Yes, the problem always has been our own governments and the fact that they know that the citizens are waking up and seeing their criminal actions... It is a war against the people and the government is acting fast now in clamping down on their own people by bringing in the fraud "laws" that they claim "protect" the people from terrorists that are none other than the government itself!

Wake the hell up, everyone!

More to come


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Anonymous said...

Less than 25% of the UK population "voted" for Cameron. If, you take into account allegations of election rigging, one wonders how few votes, he actually received. The Natural Law of the UK allows for "administration/governance" of the "Sovereign" indigenous population, ONLY through assent by,and consent of, the individuals in that group. Cameron and the like, have no "lawful" right to "rule". I suspect Cameron is a Khazar Zionist, which I believe means he has no "right of abode" in the UK. The only "lawful" immigrants are those "invited" by the "Sovereign" indigenous population. The Khazar Zionists have NOT been invited into the UK by the "Sovereign" indigenous population, in fact, I believe they have been "thrown out", at least twice. Not only have the "Sovereign" indigenous population, had immigration "imposed" on them against their will, any attempt at "dissent" is stamped on. usually by the immigrant khazars ! The UK is, imho, occupied and oppressed by "unlawful aliens" in the form of Khazar Zionists. It is ironic that those same Khazar Zionists, having filled the UK with yet more "unlawful" immigrants, are now turning on those, they themselves invited in. I imagine it is their age old malice agenda. The KZs filled the UK with "unlawful" immigrants, with a view to engineering a race war between the "Sovereign" indigenous population and, the immigrants, with whom the indigenous "British" have little in common. YAWN, yet more KZ nihilistic duplicity. They don't give up, do they ? ..... Anyone interested in "true brit" (aka Khazar Zionist) terrorism should read the Hallett Reports written by Greg Hallett.......www.TheWorldOfTruth.net.......David Cameron features in them as does his father, who "appears" to have had a few "jobs on the side". Some one liners from the "Reports"..... (1) "95% of the heroin that gets into the UK is flown there by NATO"...(2) Clinton is the illegitimate son of Winston Churchill and his daughter-in-law, Pamela Digby Hayward Harriman Churchill (3) "Cween Liz" is the illegitimate daughter of Winston Churchill (4) Bill Clinton is the half brother of "Cween Liz". (5) Winston Churchill was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII (6) Edward VII was the illegitimate son of Lionel Nathan Rothschild. So, "LNR" was Great Grandfather to "Cween Liz" and Bill Clinton. (7) New Zealand: A Paedophile Movement Fronting As A Country. (8) David Cameron has "apparently", "obfuscated" a claim to the "British" throne, greater than that of the current "encum-bent", "Khazar Liz".... The Hallett reports are an easy read and, fascinating, in a "train crash" type of way.