Hundreds Of Diamonds Recalled In Alleged Large Israeli Fraud Scheme

Vatic Note:   This is a prime example of what is meant by "The Khazar Zionist Mafia".   Crime is a way of life for these people, and no one or their belongings are safe when they control the environment we live in. That is why the NWO must be fought with every breath we have at every level and push these people into britain who gave us these Israeli khazar Zionist satanists in 1948, and let the Queen deal with them.  After all, they are her people.

No way are they to rule the world with their NWO.   Read this below and see just how bad it was and is.   Trust is a big part of doing business and trust comes from the obvious exhibition of a moral core and code with which to build that trust.

Unfortunately these khazars have no such moral core when it comes to goyim.  Its in their talmud that they can do anything to the goyim and it is not considered a crime unless they do it to their own.  Now what kind of moral code is that???  Its NOT, since they don't even know how to spell "moral" or "trust".   No ethics means no trust.  And ironically, you can NEVER trust them, since its built into their genes. They truly are not human. 

Hundreds Of Diamonds Recalled In Alleged Large Israeli Fraud Scheme
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com, May 14, 2015 

424 diamonds have been recalled by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) after several Israelis and Israeli companies allegedly tampered with them to temporarily improve their grade and increase their value, Globes reported. (VN: well that report has been removed as I could not find it, on the Globes site. Hopefully this report hurt enough to stop all this from going on all over the world in almost every field of endeavor. )

The diamonds were temporarily improved by as much as three grades, according to the GIA.

According to Globes, among the the suspects are Nati Yizrov, Gavriel Yelizarov and Yair Matatov. The companies listed as suspect include  LYE Diamonds and E.G.S.D. Diamonds.

In an alert, the GIA wrote:

“GIA reasonably suspects that approximately 500 colorless to near colorless diamonds submitted primarily to our laboratory in Israel potentially were subjected to an undisclosed temporary treatment.  

“GIA believes that the treatment is a process that temporarily masks the inherent color of the diamond and can lead to a higher grade. The color difference can be as much as three grades. GIA has not yet identified the treatment process, but this is being actively researched. At this time, the diamonds treated in this way have been submitted by just a few clients.

“Report numbers with this suspected treatment are listed below and we ask anyone who has purchased or holds these diamonds to please re-submit them to any GIA location for review. GIA will expedite the service, and no fee will be assessed.  

We have terminated submissions from the clients who have submitted these diamonds to GIA and have notified the appropriate trade bodies.…”

You can search the listing of suspects and read the GIA’s alert here.


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