Daughter of Stanley Kubrick Speaks Out

Vatic Note: Wow, what an incredible woman she is.  Just listen to her intelligent assessment of what is going on and how it boils down to these demonic satanists being completely and wholly insane.  We have said that many times on this blog, but she backs it up with excellent examples and arguments. She is definitely her genius fathers daughter.

We did several blogs involving Stanley Kubrick and what he had done for our government and the deal he made in making an additional movie called "Eyes Wide Shut", which most believe got him killed.   He had done the production for the government for the moon landing and walk.  In return he could produce whatever movie he wanted, without restrictions or monetary consideration.

What he produced was the truth about Hollywood, through a movie called "Eyes Wide Shut", and that is what got him hammered. He is no longer with us.   We did blog on both the moon landing production in studio and the film "Eyes Wide Shut".

We highly recommend you revisit that blog before watching this below so you have some context for this interview.  He was so far ahead of his time and had such high integrity, that may well have cost him his life, that I hope that someday we can award him the medal of freedom for his serious expose on "EYES WIDE SHUT", which exposed the demonic satanic ones running hollywood and probably our government and trying to run the world under a satanic system which would not be pleasant for any of us or our children. 

Daughter of Stanley Kubrick Speaks Out 
Published on Nov 29, 2013

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the iconic filmmaker and director Stanley Kubrick, talks to Alex Jones about the nature of power and the human awakening that is taking place as a vibrant form of resistance against the takeover.

A film director in her own right, Vivian explains why her father was decades ahead of his time in creating movies such as A Clockwork Orange and Doctor Strangelove, while also revealing what he would have thought of America today.


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TennesseeVolunteer said...

One of the most insightful interviews I've heard. I took notes on some of the things she said.
Can u look and see if she has done anything else, she is worth keeping an eye on.
And she's right! They are Insane!