Jewish Supreme Court Rules Bedouins Are Subhuman And Can Be Evicted And Replaced With Right Wing (Jewish) (KHAZARS FROM RUSSIA) who are Squatters

Vatic Note: We did a blog on this quite a while back, when the Khazar Zionists destroyed bedoin villages and left massive populations of people without homes or protection.  These khazars are totally inhumane, here is the link to read so you get some context to this story.  Check it out for yourselves.... those squatters, who run and control Israel,  are not Jewish, either by DNA or by Religion.  They are KHAZARS, by DNA and and pagans/Sabbateans, by religion, or otherwise known as Satan worshippers.  Real Jews living in Israel have gotten beaten up by these squatters and had to seek asylum in London and New York.

In reading all this below, it looks like the THIRD WW should be an alliance between the Muslims and Europeans, combined, against Israel and the Khazars running it.  Remember these KHAZARS ARE NOT JEWISH BY DNA AND BY RELIGION, THEY ARE TURK MONGOL MIX BY DNA AND SATANISTS BY RELIGION.

In a way, its good this went as far as it did.  Why?  BECAUSE NOW WE, THE ENTIRE WORLDS POPULATION,  HAVE FULL JUSTIFICATION TO ERADICATE THEM FROM THIS PLANET.  OFF TO THE MOON THEY GO.   LOL  I doubt the aliens would appreciate that!  LOL  But they are far more capable of dealing with them than we are since we have a moral core, a conscience and are human, while these khazars are not. 

Get educated and watch all these videos and see what you think. 

Jewish Supreme Court Rules Bedouin Are Subhuman And Can Be Evicted And Replaced With Right Wing Jewish KHAZAR Squatters
By Admin, Culture of Life News, May 16, 2015

Video showing Jewish Sturmtruppen evicting Muslims from their homes so Jews khazar satanists from Southern Russia, can build there instead.  Naziism thrives in Israel.  Over and over again, the Jews there have chosen to ape Hitler’s ideology totally.  The difference between Israel and Nazi Germany has vanished.



The Jews have a court system there that is riddled with Nazi legal ideology which is extremely dangerous because this KILLS LIBERALISM.  In the US, Jews KHAZARS, claim to be ‘liberals’ but when it comes to their home state, they turn Nazi.  Refusing to understand how dangerous this all is, they persist in legalizing Naziism via courts run by Jews who believe that all humans who are not Jews are subhumans who have zero civil or legal rights.  This ideology leaks back into the US system and (REAL) Jews will be hurt by this, badly, in the future.  They are a very small minority here in the US and extremely vulnerable.

Lots of readers have raged at me when I attack modern US ‘liberalism’ which has failed badly over the years.  The failures are mainly due to a refusal to understand how democracy works as liberals try hard to impose their solutions using naked force rather than persuasion and even worse, the schizophrenic split personality problems caused by Jewish KHAZAR liberals who are totally fake.

Why?  because they don’t believe that civil rights are for everyone, when push comes to shove, most believe in privileges that go to themselves.  They hide this by forming alliances with other minorities such as blacks from Africa (native former slaves and newcomers both) and illegal aliens to gain various concessions from white Europeans.

I know for a fact, having lived inside the Jewish community as a ‘dirty female married to a real Jew’ that Jews living in the cities with blacks and illegal aliens hate them.  Very much.  The more the Jews are religious, the deeper the hatred of all other people.  This is leading to tensions in the cities where Jews live which is why so many are taking over towns outside of say, NYC, in order to live isolated lives where they never touch Untermenschen.

This is the week Muslim and Christian natives of Palestine remind us all about Nakba when the Jews did a massive ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land:  Israeli court says Arab village must make way for Jewish town | Middle East Eye

Israeli officials have been intensifying their campaign against the Bedouin since 2002, when planning authorities approved the founding of 14 Jewish communities in the Negev as part of efforts to strengthen what was termed “national resilience”.

The authorities have insisted that most of the Bedouin villagers relocate to half a dozen government-planned townships established decades ago…

In recent years, Israeli authorities have grown increasingly concerned by the steady emigration of Bedouin from the townships back into the unrecognised villages, said Abu Saad.

“Any families who can return to their original villages are doing so,” he said.

“I have pointed out to the planning authorities repeatedly that if you want the Bedouin to stay in the towns, then you have to make it worthwhile to live there. Otherwise people will vote with their feet.”

Bedouin in the unrecognised villages argue that they should be allowed to continue their pastoral way of life as farmers and herders.

The villages are located either on land inhabited by the Bedouin for generations or on sites, as at Umm al-Hiran, to which they were moved after their expulsion from their original land following the 1948 war.

The foreign KHAZAR (called ASHKENAZI) Jews who invaded after 1948 have prevented Arab MPs from holding an emergency parliamentary session to discuss this Nazi court ruling.  The Jews were very clever when they invaded. They illegally declared that 93% of the land they conquered was ’empty lands’ after Jews KHAZARS attacked and drove out much of the native population.  So most of the land in Israel is held by the Jewish government which hands out various parcels to Jews only.

People living on ancestral lands are evicted and these towns handed over to Jews and this is pure Naziism.  Totally and completely.  What is really revealing about this whole issue is, one of the Jewish judges (no Muslims are allowed to judge Jews!) Daphne Barak-Erez suggested to her fellow Nazis that the Bedouin living in the village the Jews want to destroy should be allowed to move into the new village that the Jews plan to build on the site of the Muslim town.

This was totally rejected as impossible since non-Jews are subhuman animals and are not allowed to touch or be anywhere around real Jews who are supermen, to paraphrase Hitler.  A number of societies have decided their ruling elites are ‘supermen’.  This cruel ideology is used to steal from or oppress people.  It disheartens me to see blacks in the US pulling the ‘superman’ ideology for themselves which then allows other groups to do the same.

What is even uglier in the Israeli land stealing program is that the Jews who want to steal the village at the center of the court case presently live ILLEGALLY in a State Forest nearby, Yatir Forest.  The government hasn’t lifted a finger to stop them while at the same time, has repeatedly bulldozed down Muslim villages for being ‘illegal’.




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