Vatic Master is taking Saturday off. Its a holiday and time for some relief for me. Thanks

UPDATE:  there was a video that someone sent to me and it was so powerful that I put it up for Saturday, and would encourage you to watch it.  Otherwise, there will be no more til Sunday.  Thanks for all your support.  Have a GLORIOUS HOLIDAY......  

We will be back up with full blogs on Sunday for the rest of the week.  HAVE A HAPPY AND ACTIVE MEMORIAL DAY.  THANKS TO ALL VETS FOR THEIR SERVICE AND LOVE OF THEIR COUNTRY.  In the end WE EXPECT YOU TO COME THROUGH FOR US AND "WE WILL DEFINITELY COME THROUGH FOR YOU AS WELL.  WE ARE ARMED AND CAN DO IT, SO JUST HANG IN THERE WITH US TIL YOU CAN'T.  And we will hang with you until we can't, but start thinking about turning those urban tanks over to the militia for our defense.

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