Intelligent 16 Year Old Girl Sues Far Left Wing ‘Humanities’ Professor In Florida

Vatic Note:   This should be a most interesting law suit.  Education has traditionally been the vehicle by which most social engineering feats are conducted by the power structure of a society.   In our case, as well as that of the western world, these protocols were laid out by the Bilderberg Group  in a document written in 1958 and revised again in 1979, which was triggered by the availability of more advanced technology. Someone working at boeing is who copied it and then forgot that they left the copy in the copier file cabinet,   I wonder if this student will include this protocol into her case.  Now that would be great if she could. He states below it can be validated.

The document was called "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars". It was a protocol for training undercover CIA agents in colleges, using these silent weapons in the document, to socially engineer the students to believing and becoming what they wanted and needed to complete their global agenda. It was also a strategy document to be used to indoctrinate the elite's chosen operators.   You can find it here and read it to understand just how deep this planned attack on our educational system goes and the war they had planned way back then on our nation, as the JFK assassination proves.   Here is an example:  It's the "forward" to the document.


"This manuscript was delivered to our offices by an unknown person. We did not steal the document, nor are we involved with any theft from the United States Government, and we did not get the document by way of any dishonest methods. We feel that we are not endangering the "National Security" by reproducing this document, quite the contrary; it has been authenticated and we feel that we are not only within our rights to publish it, but morally bound to do so.

Regarding the training manual, you may have detected that we had to block out the marginal notes made by the selectee at the C.I.A. Training Center, but I can assure you that the manual is authentic, and was printed for the purpose of introducing the selectee to the conspiracy. It has been authenticated by four different technical writers for Military Intelligence, one just recently retired who wants very much to have this manual distributed throughout the world, and one who is still employed as an Electronics Engineer by the Federal Government, and has access to the entire series of Training Manuals. One was stationed in Hawaii, and held the highest security clearance in the Naval Intelligence, and another who is now teaching at a university, and has been working with the Central Intelligence Agency for a number of years, and wants out before the axe falls on the conspirators.

We believed that the entire world should know about this plan, so we distributed internationally one-hundred of these manuscripts, to ask individuals at top level positions their opinions. The consensus opinion was to distribute this to as many people as who wanted it, to the end that they would not only understand that "War" had been declared against them, but would be able to properly identify the true enemy to Humanity."

Delamer Duverus       END OF EXCERPT:  BACK TO THE VATIC NOTE:  You can read the rest of the document at the link we provided above.         
I was living down the street of the Boeing yard sale that produced that find by accident.  Someone made a copy and forgot to take it with them when they finished copying it.  In 1979 there was no suspicion at the level there is now, that such actions were going on, so it set everyone on edge trying to find out who, and why this was done.

Intelligent 16 Year Old Girl Sues Far Left Wing ‘Humanities’ Professor In Florida 
Admin,  EMS News,  May 15, 2015

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Click here to read the entire legal document concerning the LJ_Russum lawsuit due to teaching methods that are dishonest and biased-_Evidence_of_Discrimination.pdf.  It is well worth reading in full.

A right wing legal organization has filed a lawsuit against a far left wing teacher at a Florida higher education scam school.  Like many such schools, the teachers are poorly trained and sometimes barely literate.  In this court case, the teacher is a rabid communist, using his own definition of who he is, and he strove to teach young people all about ‘humanism’ which is horrifying since one of the least humanist ideologies on earth has been ‘communism’.

Traditional liberalism is the dying offshoot of humanism.  Humanism is a philosophy that elevated the human soul to the heights of the Gods.  Communism elevates despotic, cruel, inhuman dictators into Gods while the rest of humanity is reduced to near zero status.

I read the entire pdf file in this case from top to bottom and since I studied German philosophers of the 19th and 20th centuries way back in 1967-1970 starting off doing this at the tender age of 16, I was fascinated by the crude, vicious professor and this young girl who is a mirror for myself back then.  The topics she and her teacher were debating is one that I know very intimately indeed, in great detail.

The student, I feel, won all the points of this debate based on her extensive information.  This professor, Mr. Russum, has the oddest and sometimes totally fraudulent beliefs about many well-documented issues which verge on the insane when it comes to Martin Luther of German Protestant fame.  I was raised a Lutheran and I studied his writings, in German, extensively.  This professor claims that Luther was a ‘humanist’ during the fading days of the Italian Renaissance.

Luther’s rise to fame was due to his declaration of war against the corrupt Medici Popes and the other corrupt Popes that followed them.  He also took advantage of a tool created in Germany: the modern (versus Medieval or old Roman) printing revolution.  He translated the Bible into German, for example, which the Popes forbade and for which many a scribe had been burned at the stake across Europe.  But Martin Luther was a very conservative man who deplored nearly all of the efforts of the humanists in Italy and was horrified by the artwork in particular.

Professor fails student for refusing to condemn her Christian faith: Florida Professor Bullies Christian Student
Polk County, FL – A sixteen-year-old, dual-enrolled student, “G.L.,” is the subject of religious intolerance by humanities professor Lance “L.J.” Russum at Polk State College in Lakeland, Florida. Liberty Counsel has asked the dean to investigate the professor and his curriculum.

G.L. and her parents reached out to Liberty Counsel when Russum gave her four (4) straight zeros because she refused to conform to his personal worldviews of Marxism, Atheism or “Anti-theism”, Feminism, and homosexuality. Professor Russum expressed blatant and pervasive anti-Christian bias throughout the class, such as the following essay question: “Why did Christianity, and its male gods, seek to silence these women [the nuns]?”

In other essays where G.L. refused to concede that Christianity was false, violent, or oppressive to women; that Martin Luther’s motivations for the Reformation were wholly secular; and that Michalengelo’s sculptures and paintings communicated that “same-sex relationship is NOT A SIN,” Mr. Russum gave her a total of four straight zeros.

Michalengelo’s artwork was riddled with sexual imagery  that was quite blatant. The erotic nature of these works were not missed by dissenting priests who couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what the Popes had bought to decorate the center of Christianity.  These very  great works of art were extraordinarily divisive and blew apart the entire church once and forever.

“The point of this is not to ‘bash’ any religion, we should NEVER favor one over another, they all come from the same source, HUMAN IMAGINATION and [sic] they demonstrate that humanity is one,” a copy of Russum’s class outline, riddled with grammatical errors, says.

“We have much to thank of [sic] humans like Michelangelo who took a sacred space, a temple to god, and made it a HUMAN space, a space where humanism can meet with god and discourse,” one course assignment read. “Finally humanity and the gods are on equal footing and that is what the myths of Hercules, Apollo and Jesus are all about—the divine becoming human and human being divine.”

The humanists of Italy were either brutally murdered or persecuted or committed suicide or suffered very negatively in the wake of all this and foreign invaders marched on Rome and all of Italy and took over while the Medici married off a daughter to the King of France where she sponsored ethnic and religious cleansing and riots and this is exactly how my Pettit Paris ancestors ended up in the New World after being forced out of France due to being Protestants.

Now on to the New Anti-humanists, professor Russum:  Press Release | Liberty Counsel has all the details.
1. This is NOT about Luther’s theology
2. Any quotes from his sermons or writings MUST be about humanism and how the reformation is in the right place and right time in history NOT some divine providence of the gods
3. "You must stay focused on the history of the humanism of Luther and his reformation IF You turn this into a theological debate or divine providence I will NOT read it and you will be given a zero.” 
This refusal to read anything except parrot points confirming the bizarre views of this ill-informed professor is a sign of a closed mind and giving this young lady ‘zero’ for her hard work is typical Stalinism.  Anti-thoughts, verboten disputes, the crushing of any contrary ideas is pure Maoism.  The professor claims to admire Mao, after all.  Here is a sample of his ability to write coherently:
Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 2.48.10 PM

Point #1: ‘What is something Lady Julian is saying/doing’ is a clunker of a sentence.  ‘What is Lady Julian either saying or doing’ is a much more coherent beginning to this sentence.

Point #2:  ‘From the article on the Nuns what makes their defiance of male dominance so important?’  This should be, ‘From the article ‘The Nuns’, what makes their defiance of male dominance so important?’  Any name of any publication is to be put in parentheses.

Point #3: ‘Why did Christianity, and its male gods, want to silence these women?’ This sentence like the one about the Nuns above, is poorly punctuated, too.  Here is the correct form: ‘Why did Christianity and it’s male gods, want to silence these women?’  This ‘professor’ seems to feel that the comma is a random device to be strewn hither and yon with no regard to proper usage.

#4: For the reading on the Nuns…is riddled with errors.  The teacher warns everyone to ignore the original questions that go with the reading material and to replace these with his ill-written, illiterate insertions.  The young lady suing him took him to task on this issue.  Here is the final paragraphs of her paper she wrote about ‘The Nuns’.  She refers to the three questions of the professor which made little sense:
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The five questions the student who is suing is referring to are the original ones that went with the text assigned by the teacher. The teacher wrote in huge capital letters that students were forbidden to even refer to these much clearly written and on topic questions and instead, write screeds based on his own biases instead.

This is a great way to learn how to write garbage for dictators.  A terrible way to teach young people how to write clearly and stay on topic.  Throughout the documents, the professor looks horrible and the young lady looks sane.  Yes, she is a devout Christian but her debate points are quite mature and need a sane rebuttal.  I doubt this ‘professor’ could do this.

Then there is this racist, vicious woman who is black who was hired to teach ‘Black Studies’ in Boston that made big news:  Boston University’s Saida Grundy apologizes after critical comments on white men.  Her writings were not ‘critical’. They were racist, Nazi-level screeds.

‘I regret that my personal passion about issues surrounding these events led me to speak about them indelicately,’ she said in a statement. ‘I deprived them of the nuance and complexity that such subjects always deserve.’ A Boston University professor who called ‘white college males’ a ‘problem population’ has said she regrets making the remarks.

College students sing nasty ditties in private are then kicked out of school and attacked and humiliated.  A black professor female does much worse and she is a teacher!…and the University mouths some platitudes and hires her anyways.

The right has good reasons to call blacks on double standards and ‘liberal’ schools are turned into sewers when slime like this gets to educate our youths.

This disgusts me greatly.

I have people comment here who say very disagreeable things and I chide them about this but when blacks demand ethnic cleansing, this is one wish they will certainly get in the future if this sort of dangerous talk continues.

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