NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins

Vatic Note:  This is amazing and awesome. It blows the entire theory of evolution right to smitherines.   THIS is what I call, "EDUCATION" of the highest order in the process of "thinking", and it is not a fast food titillating information piece.   He has obviously spent a great deal of time researching, gathering, photographing and writing about all of this.   This requires that we spend the time and effort to "get it", even if we have to view this video twice or more.  I intend to do just that to make sure I understand it all.  So far, so good.

The question is "What is REAL?"  along with other such deep and thought provoking questions.  He uses ancient text, photos, scientific and engineering information to make his case, along with ancient writings and all of this began with Noah.  Personally,  I think, and only "think" this actually began with Enoch, Noah's father, since it was Enoch that was taken out of the Bible by the early Jewish controllers of the Old Testament.

Why did they take it out, when Enoch was favored by God and walked with him often?   He was "SO FAVORED" by God that he was "translated", rather than died and then taken up.  That event also included the taking up of an entire town, so how come he did not take up Noah and those left behind?

This moderator, Trey Smith talks slow, and leads you along, with deductive reasoning that can't be denied.  Its one of those kinds of documentaries that demands we spend the time and effort to understand what he is saying.   He uses visuals, and schematics, along with archaeological finds to also make his points.

Since beginning this blog I have come to appreciate the accuracy of the Bible in recording ancient history and that has been supported by other cultures written history as well. Trey Smith is proving to be a genius of unprecedented levels and shows it by  the effective way that he is turning evolution on its proverbial head. This is well worth the effort to watch, but be prepared to have to rethink everything you were taught and have thought all your life.

Take a deep breath and prepare to venture into a realm of reality that will take your breathe away.  It will make you sit back and re-evaluate all that you have been told in your science and history books.   This is a mind blowing adventure well worth the 3 hours it will take to finish.  This production must have eaten up a good portion of Trey's life to bring to fruition.

NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins
Published by Trey Smith on Aug 2, 2014
NOAH (FULL Noah Movie ~ "NEVER TRUST THE ENKI" OWN NOAH http://godinanutshell.com/shop/) is a JourNey into the vast evidence of the Global Flood, Occult, Demons, Nephilim, Enoch, the Watchers, the Enki, Tower of Babel, Mystery Teachings of Fallen Angels, God, Satan, Heaven, Hell and the dimensions between.... A FULL documentary investigation into the science behind the supernatural.

Noah: Welcome to the JourNey. the Truth is BIGGER than you thought...... Noah, God, Satan, Occult and Flood are ALL now science fact.


Noah: The documentary "Noah" takes a hard look, not just at the ancient beliefs, practices, demons, spirits, fallen angels, "aliens" & dark gods going all the way back to their source -- the Tower of Babel itself; but greater still, a sobering walk through some of our current "poor-man sciences" & "textbook mythologies" (such as 1859 Darwin-ism and Evolution-ism .... often debated as "Creation vs. Evolution-ism), to the growing finds of SOFT TISSUE & Dino DNA in dinosaurs... all the way to the controversial Dinosaur Ica Stones.... to the Neanderthal (Human) long-lifespans, to the evidence of a Global Flood (Noah's Flood / Noah's Deluge) all across the surface of the whole planet Earth itself.

Noah: The documentary "Noah" also covers the ancient serpent worship on altars of blood by those creatures with elongated skulls that some call "Nephilim, Annunaki, the Races of Giants, etc.... Children of the Fallen Angels..... from the realms of hell and the underworld..... to the throne of God Himself, and cross of Jesus Christ.... and the boat that saved mankind...... from writings on stone all across the globe.

Noah: A true JourNey from the cells to the stars.... to the rage of waters from Noah's Flood..... the Epic of Gilgamesh..... pages of Revelation..... and the dimensions of the unseen... and that which lies between.

Enjoy Noah......
~trey smith

Noah: Special Thanks to:
Michael Donner -- Music for Noah https://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelD...
Jon Rovetto -- DVD production for Noah https://www.facebook.com/jrovetto
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Ric Viers -- Sound Effects for Noah http://www.ricviers.com/

Noah written, directed and produced by Trey Smith
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Noah: Extra Thanks & Suggested Resources:
Dr. Carl Smith (Mathematics & probability calculations)
Dr. Don Patton (Dinosaur carbon dating, Dinosaur / Human footprints, Dinosaurs in same strata as humans) http://www.bible.ca/tracks/ask-creati...
Dr. Jack Cuozzo (Neanderthal Research / Long Lifespans) http://jackcuozzo.com/
Dr. Walt Brown (author of "In the Beginning" -- credited with Hydroplate theory) http://www.creationscience.com/online...
Answers in Genesis: https://answersingenesis.org/
Dr. Chuck Missler: http://khouse.org/

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