Bizarre Masonic Police Force Uncovered in Los Angeles

Vatic Note: While this, on its surface, looks bad, in fact, the protocols clearly state that the khazar Zionists intend to go after the freemasons by infiltration and by blaming them for all that they do to achieve world domination.   Now, have they successfully infiltrated to the point where they control the entire freemasonry movement?  I don't think so.

However, I do believe they fully control the "YORK LODGE" which are masons with absolutely no masons within it. Instead it contains mostly the royalty of Britain, which are khazars as we proved in a blog sometime back.  The York lodge was created decades ago by Rothschild in Britain through the Chatham House, and it was done just for the purposes of having the elite control masonry in England.   In the meantime,  Barbara Bush's father,  Allister Crowley did infiltrate the Scottish right lodge,  but never gained complete control over it.  They still work on "influencing" it. 

Why are the free masons a target of the international khazar ashkenazi's?   Because the real lodges are basically Christian and do good works within the community which is antithesis to the satanists agenda.   The khazars promote evil, and evil deeds, and the masons do not, so, like the Catholic Church it is best to infiltrate it and then do the deeds from within that will bring bad reputation to those groups.  I strongly recommend you do outside reading about this subject as I did and discover the truth.

We are seeing that same tactic used right here in the states.  I just heard someone yesterday make the observation that killing millions of arabs in the middle east has made us into the new nazis'.  Fortunately, i was able to show documentation proving it was the khazar banker infiltrators, using Israel as their enforcement arm,  doing all that in our name, for Israels own personal benefit and he believed me.... so we are making good progress.  Israel is being fully exposed for the khazar satanic state that it has become under these infiltrators, from Rothschild.  That is who should go down. THEIR WHOLE DARN FAMILY. 

Historically,  the khazars have always been pedophiles,  but that is recent for the Catholic church, given their very long history, and there have been no rumors or
proof that the masons, as a group,  had ever pedophiled children, rather that THEY have always done charity works that helped disadvantaged children, especially in the area of crime.  I am not a mason, but I did a lot of studying about the Knights Templar and the Catholic Church and the khazar's pagan faith.

When the knights templar were in the middle east, they discovered proof of the original church of Jesus Christ and brought it back to Europe, and the group that promoted it and supported it were called "The Cathays", who were, like the knights templar, prosecuted for that act.   Remember the Catholic church did not exist until 360 years after Christ died, but even the King James Bible makes it clear that Christ had his church before he died and turned it over to the apostles.

That is the church that we did not know anything about until all this has come up and now we are learning a lot about the real early Christian Church, which is miles away from the accepted Catholic Church which was started by pagans and Paulines, through negotiations.   The protestant churches are also Catholic without a pope.  There is very little difference between the King James and Catholic Bibles.

Well, the khazars have had a hard on against both the Catholic Church and against the masons because, the khazars are pagans.   They took over the Jewish religion and, tried to make it sound like Christianity and Muslims were an extension and continuation of their religion which is satanism, now,  or best known as Sabbateanism since the 1800's.  The proof these Knights found was in Solomons Temple and that is why the "pillars" are on their crest.  

Why do you think the Khazar Zionists murdered, hatefully, and brutally,  63 million Christians when they took over Russia? And look at the torture and brutality they visited upon the Ukrainians.   This is why, HATRED, PURE AND SIMPLE, and when the khazars wrote the protocols they listed their two most fearsome enemies,  the Catholics and the Masons, as those they intended to use as pretend offenders to blame for what the khazars were doing that was demonic and evil.  So far they have been somewhat successful in that image building.

Anyway, this is a good read and video, so please watch, read and you decide.

Bizarre Masonic Police Force Uncovered in Los Angeles
By Vigilant Citizen,   May 8, 2015

Claiming to be descendants of the Knights Templar, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department vowed to “protect Masonic Grandmasters” across 33 states.

Three California residents were arrested on April 30th on suspicion of impersonating a police officer and were released later that day. Claiming to be the “oldest police force in the world”, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department claimed jurisdiction across 33 states (coincidentally, 33 is the holiest number in Masonic symbolism).

The insignia of the police force features the Masonic compass and square, the Twin Pillars and the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star - an inverted pentagram.

The insignia of the police force features the Masonic compass and square, the Twin Pillars and the logo of the Order of the Eastern Star – an inverted pentagram.

The rogue force was very well-supplied.Officials found badges, weapons, uniforms, law enforcement paraphernalia and even police vehicles after searching two unnamed locations.

David Henry, Tonette Hayes, and Brandon Kiel
David Henry, Tonette Hayes, and Brandon Kiel

The Chief of the Masonic Police is David Henry – a high ranking Freemason. According to the police force’s website,  Henry is an “Absolute Supreme Sovereign Grandmaster 32° 33° X°”, meaning that he obtained the highest obtainable Degree on the Masonic ladder. Therefore, despite the news portraying the trio as three lunatics acting as cops, there is some actual power and influence behind the Masonic police force.

David Henry at a Masonic event.

Brand Kiel (left) and David Henry (second from right) at a Masonic event.

Henry (left) pictured alongside Los Angeles Sergeant James Townsend, urging residents in the city to march in peace for Trayvon Martin.

Henry and Kiel pictured alongside Los Angeles Sergeant James Townsend, urging residents in the city to march in peace for Trayvon Martin.
According to some sources, Henry is also an Emmy-award winning producer.
“Henry, 46, reportedly won an Emmy in 2002 for his work as a producer on a Fox11 story. He also co-produced a documentary with Hayes several years later about a longtime civil rights leader, the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper reported in 2007.”
– Daily Mail, An Emmy-winning producer and a top government aide who wanted to be a US Senator – but are any more of the LA elite in the ‘Masonic Police’?
David Henry ran the Police force with his son-in-law Brandon Kiel who is a Masonic 33rd Degree “grand high priest”. In a 2014 video, David Henry announced to his Masonic lodge that Kiel plans to run for the U.S. Senate in the 2016 elections.

Kiel worked for the department of Justice since 2013 as an aide to state Attorney General Kamala Harris. He has been placed on paid leave since April 30th.

State Attorney General Kamala Harris.
State Attorney General Kamala Harris.

The police force’s strange website claims that Henry oversees 33 Masonic jurisdictions, including Fraternities, Sororities and Greek Organizations (yes, there is a link between school Fraternities and secret societies).
A screenshot from the website.
A screenshot from the website.
The Masonic Fraternal Organization is the oldest and most respected organization in the “World.” Grand Masters around the various states are facing serious safety concerns for their Jurisdictions and their family members. The first Police Department was created by the “Knights Templar’s” back in 1100 B.C.
The Masonic Fraternal Police Department, (M.F.P.D.) is the Knights Templar’s!
When asked what is the difference between The Masonic Fraternal Police Department and other Police Departments the answer is simple for us. We were here first! We are born into this Organization our bloodlines go deeper then an application. This is more then a job it is an obligation.
The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) is a Masonic Sovereign Jurisdiction (Municipality) located within the incorporated City of Santa Clarita, California. The Chief of Police is Honorable Grand Master David Henry 33ยบ was elected and is Governed by a Grand Supreme Council, and 33 Masonic Jurisdictions. He currently oversees a 1/2 Million members throughout the United States.
We are not “Sovereign Citizens’ nor do we condone terrorist activity, sovereign citizens or clandestine!
The Masonic Fraternal Police Department (M.F.P.D.) provides services to Masonic Sovereign Grand Masters and their Masonic Jurisdictions, as well as other Fraternities, Sororities and Greek Organizations. Masonic Fraternal Police Department will be located in 33 other states, including Mexico City. We support all law enforcement agencies.
Our mission is to preserve the integrity, honor and legacy of our Founding Fathers, Masonic Organizations, all Grand Masters and their Constitution /By Laws. We will uphold our sworn obligation to protect Sovereign Grand Masters and their jurisdictions.
Authorities began investigating the Masonic Police Force after Henry contacted sheriffs across the State of California requesting meetings, claiming to be “able to acquire intel that is not accessible to non-fraternal entities”.
Authorities say that the investigation began when letters were sent out to police chiefs in California announcing new leadership in the group. Kiel was described as ‘Chief Deputy Director.’
The letter claims there are 5,686 lodges and that the department ‘will be able to acquire intel that is not accessible to non-fraternal entities.’ It said one aim of the department was to restore public trust.
Phone calls were also made asking to set up in-person meetings with police.
Sheriff’s Capt. Roosevelt Johnson, who leads the department’s Santa Clarita Valley station, met up with the group and raised the alarm when they could not answer basic questions about the organization.
The suspects were unable to properly explain what their jurisdiction or mission was, police said.
– Op Cit. Daily Mail.
While impersonating a police agent is a rather grave offense, I do not believe that this Masonic trio will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Since the creation of the United States (and across the world), there has been a strong connection between the police force and Freemasonry. Active Masons have the duty of protecting their brethren no matter the situation. Here are badges used to identify Masonic police officers and sheriffs.

While not worn on official uniforms, members of the police who are also Freemasons sometimes wear these badges on civilian clothes as a form of recognition.
In short, the actual police force is a Masonic police force. There is therefore no need for a Masonic Police Force.

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