Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO agenda... hires Monsanto lobbyist... takes huge dollars from Monsanto

*** - Just a note to tell you that there will only be two blogs up tonight.  As you will be able to tell, these were both deeply extensive and time consuming so I did not have time to do a third one, but these two will take the same amount of time you would have used on 3 of our regular blogs.   Please take both of these seriously, since I believe they are deeply connected.... and of serious impact on us if the two meet up after the election. 

Vatic Note:  Oh, there is much more than what they put up here.   She was the hammer in Arkansas when Bill was Governor and we posted a blog on that.   After what she allowed to happen to the Ambassador to Libya, I lost all and any belief I ever had in her.

He was brutalized because he was standing up against her, and Rothschild's owned McCain  and their attempts to funnel both money and weapons to the rebels in Syria, (going through Libya) rebels, who were created and funded by both the CIA and Mossad and their job was to secure the entire middle east for the khazar Zionists in Israel and secure banking and fiat currency throughout Africa, using a cover pretending to be radical extremist Muslims.

That was why they had to kill Gaddafi as well,  because he was for the Gold backed currency and against the Rothschild's fiat currency system.   Remember, these khazars killed the Russian Czar for the same reason.  That made JFK, Gaddafi, and the Ambassador a huge threat to the global fiat currency system that was going to be the heart of the New World Order.  Trillions of dollars are at stake over that issue.

Anyway, some of this below I did not know, and it was a surprise to me about her connection to the nuclear industry.  I knew that she also sat on the Board of Directors for Wal Mart and that was something I recently researched and discovered, which puts this issue into a whole other category of danger for us. Did she have anything to do with what is now coming out about Walmart???

Remember, the powers that be are using walmart for the eventual implementation of a police state here in America and a total wiping out of our Constitution.  Given her behavior with Monsanto and WalMart, I would say, "she should be the last person to be President when all this comes down.  It would make Obama's administration look like a picnic."

The candidates on the right aren't much better either.... so I am taking a very serious look at Sanders who is Independant and comes from a state, Vermont, that banned GMO products from their state and are fighting the vaccine issue as well.  We need to start getting  back to the good old days when our freedoms were more important than anything else.  No Zionist or Fascist Nazi run country in our future.  Lets make sure that is the case.  You read and decide.   

Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO agenda... hires Monsanto lobbyist... takes huge dollars from Monsanto  

(NaturalNews) Democrats who had been programmed to blindly vote for Hillary Clinton are picking their jaws up off the floor after learning the truth about Hillary's ties to Monsanto. The ties run so deep that she's now being dubbed the "Bride of Frankenfood." (Tweet this story)

Shockingly, Hillary Clinton's ties to Monsanto are new information to her liberal support base. It drives home the important point that nearly everyone supporting Hillary Clinton has no idea who she really is, as evidenced by this stunning new video from Mark Dice and Luke Rudkowski.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton's ties to agribusiness giant Monsanto, and her advocacy for the industry's genetically modified crops, have environmentalists in Iowa calling her 'Bride of Frankenfood'" reports the Washington Times. "A large faction of women voiced strong support for Mrs. Clinton's candidacy until the GMO issue came up, prompting them to switch allegiances to Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, a liberal stalwart challenging her for the Democratic nomination."

Oh my, how little they really know about the real Hillary Clinton... keep reading to find out more...

Monsanto and Bill Gates are top donors to the Clinton Family Foundation

A quick look at this table of Clinton Family Foundation donors reveals both the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Monsanto as two of the heavy-hitting donors to the Clinton "Crime" Family Foundation.

Bill Gates, of course, pushes vaccines on the world, while Monsanto pushes GMOs. It's a toxic one-two punch for global depopulation.

Hillary Clinton's donors also include the drug maker Pfizer, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Goldman Sachs (VN: a Rothschild owned company), Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and many more. It's a who's who compilation of the most evil corporations and institutions on planet Earth, and they've all given huge money -- tens of millions of dollars -- to Hillary Clinton.

All the corporations are, of course, buying influence with the Clintons. This obvious fact was wildly attacked by extreme leftist Democratic party operatives like George Stephanopoulos, who turned out to have hidden his own $75,000 in donations to the same Clinton Foundation. He claims he thought he was donating to halt "deforestation." Hillaryious!

Hillary Clinton hires former Monsanto lobbyist to run her campaign

If you're still not convinced that Hillary Clinton has strong ties to Monsanto, ask yourself why she just hired a prominent Monsanto lobbyist to run her campaign.

As True Activist reports:

"Hillary Clinton recently announced that she will be appointing long-time Monsanto lobbyist Jerry Crawford as adviser to her "Ready for Hillary" super PAC... Over the years, Crawford has been instrumental in fighting against small farmers in court and protecting Monsanto's seed monopoly."

Crawford is an "equal opportunity payola operative" who hands out political bribes to members of both parties. "Crawford has mostly worked with Democratic politicians in the past, but has also put his support behind Republican candidates as well. Anyone who was willing to support Monsanto's goals would receive support from Crawford," says TrueActivist.com.

Hillary Clinton's law firm used to have Monsanto as a client

Back in the 1990s, during the era when Vince Foster was murdered for what he knew about the Clintons, Hillary Clinton was a partner at the Rose Law Firm. This law firm counted Monsanto as its client:

"Her history of backing GMO dates back to her early days in Arkansas as a lawyer with the Rose Law Firm, which represented Monsanto and other agribusiness leaders," reports the Washington Times.

Almost none of today's activist voters are even old enough to remember the Rose Law Firm, the Clintons' Whitewater scandal, or even the fact that Hillary Clinton ran the media attacks on all the women who tried to go public with claims of being sexually violated by Bill Clinton. (Yes, Hillary ran the "blame the victim" campaign to protect Bill!)

Yet in an age where progressives demand full transparency on all the issues that matter to them most -- immigration, gay marriage, gun control and so on -- Hillary finds herself squarely on the wrong side of the GMO issue. She's a puppet for Monsanto and all its toxic practices that destroy life and destroy the environment.

Hillary Clinton pushes toxic pesticides, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals

At every opportunity, Hillary Clinton pushes toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides that contaminate the food supply, promote human diseases like Alzheimer's and even threaten destruction of the environment. Hillary Clinton, Bride of Frankenfood, is also a "chemical holocaust" pusher who works hard to make sure every woman and child in America eats food laced with cancer-causing glyphosate.

"In the GMO debate, Mrs. Clinton has consistently sided with the chemical companies," says the Washington Times. "A new scientific study bolstered environmentalists' concerns by finding the herbicide Roundup could be linked to a range of health problems and diseases, including Parkinson's, infertility and cancers. The study published last month in the scientific journal Entropy also reported evidence that residue of glyphosate, a chief ingredient in the weed killer, has been found in food."

That food, of course, enriches Monsanto and the other biotech firms, many of which kick back huge donations to Hillary Clinton as long as she keeps pushing poison.

A vote for Hillary, it turns out, is a vote for Monsanto.

Hillary Clinton hands nuclear fuel resource deal to Russia

It's not just GMOs, either, that haunt the real history of Hillary Clinton. As The Atlantic reported this year, Hillary Clinton was also instrumental in handing the Russian government a near-monopoly over nuclear weapons uranium supplies.

All the while, money was flowing into the Clinton foundation from uranium interests:

"In total, people affiliated with Uranium One or its predecessor gave more than $8 million to the Clinton Foundation between 2008 and 2010. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech in Moscow, paid for by a bank boosting Uranium One stock."

Why does this matter to the Clinton voter support base? Because progressives are rightly anti-nuclear power and anti-nuke weapons. Yet their gender champion Hillary Clinton is out there promoting the proliferation of nuclear fuel and nuclear weapons, all while raking in millions of dollars for her own foundation in exchange for selling her influence to the highest bidder. Suddenly a Clinton presidency doesn't sound so "progressive," does it?

Hillary Clinton parrots Monsanto's talking points as speaker for the Biotechnology Industry Organization

Just to make sure no one is confused about where Hillary Clinton really stands on the issue of GMOs and biotech, she openly parrots Monsanto's quack science talking points in public.

In 2014, she spoke at the Biotechnology Industry Organization and practiced running Monsanto's talking points, saying:

"I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track record ... And to continue to try to make the case for those who are skeptical that they may not know what they're eating already. The question of genetically modified food or hybrids has gone on for many many years. And there is again a big gap between what the facts are and what perceptions are..."

During the speech, Clinton basically says that all anti-GMO people are anti-science idiots who don't know "the facts." Those "facts," of course, are all contrived by Monsanto itself and its deep network of financial influence over scientists, universities and even the lamestream media. Hillary Clinton basically concludes that since you don't know you've already been eating GMOs, then it's safe to keep doing so.

See the sickening video here:


Will anybody stand up and challenge the Bride of Frankenfood?

If you've ever wondered why there's almost no willingness among 100+ million Democrats to challenge Hillary Clinton for the nomination, it's because Democrats are terrified of Hillary.

As the joke goes, Hillary Clinton not only knows where all the bodies are buried... she ordered them put there in the first place!

For decades, the Clintons were able to control the official narrative and construct a false image of who they really are and what they really believe. But now, thanks to the Independent Media which is now dominating in viewership and is trusted far more than the mainstream media, the Clintons can't roll out their usual revisionist history and expect it to work.

The simple truth -- to the great horror of progressives everywhere -- is that Hillary Clinton has long sold out to chemical agriculture and biotech. She's your RoundUp-Ready she-whore... your Monsanto Matriarch... the "Glyphosate Mamma" armed with fists full of toxic fury. And she wants your vote because she's gonna dethrone the one percent? Seriously? Pathetic. Hillary Clinton is FUNDED by the one percent!

If you think Hillary Clinton opposes the one percent, you must also believe ExxonMobil opposes drilling for oil.

What you can expect from a Clinton / Monsanto presidency

There are so many ties between Clinton and Monsanto that the evil biotech corporation is practically Hillary's running mate.

Clinton / Monsanto for President, 2016!

And if Clinton becomes president, you can expect the full Monsanto agenda to be aggressively pushed as national policy:

• A nationwide federal ban on GMO labeling.

• Immediate USDA approval of all experimental GMO crops.

• Extreme, politically motivated attacks against all anti-GMO activists, scientists and journalists.

• Huge increases in taxpayer-funded subsidies for farmers who grow GMO crops.

• Aggressive corporate imperialism push to overturn bans on glyphosate and GMOs by other nations.

• Possibly even attempts by the FDA to outlaw non-GMO Project Verified labels in the same way they attacked hormone-free labels for cow's milk.

Make no mistake: A vote for Hillary is a vote for Monsanto.

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of NaturalNews.com, the internet's No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month.

In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS instrumentation. With this research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products to low levels by July 1, 2015.

In addition to his lab work, Adams is also the (non-paid) executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), an organization that redirects 100% of its donations receipts to grant programs that teach children and women how to grow their own food or vastly improve their nutrition. Click here to see some of the CWC success stories.

With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource now featuring over 10 million scientific studies.

Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. He has also exposed "strange fibers" found in Chicken McNuggets, fake academic credentials of so-called health "gurus," dangerous "detox" products imported as battery acid and sold for oral consumption, fake acai berry scams, the California raw milk raids, the vaccine research fraud revealed by industry whistleblowers and many other topics.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released ten popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.
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Anonymous said...

She is a "half" sister-in-law of Khazar Lil (Cween of Endland), that must make her a "big wig" in the KZ fantasy, new world order.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, if "lightworker29501.com" is to be believed, "HELLary" Cinton has been helping herself to a lot more than Monsanto "shekels"...link is ++++lightworker29501.com/2012/11/01/the-story-of-the-wanta-regan-mitterand-protocols/++++ I have not come across this "story" before so, cannot say whether it is true or, false. It does however, bear all the hallmarks of Khazar Zionist "perfidy". The "story" relates to $27.5 trillion amassed by Lee Emil Wanta (birth name) but, operating under Regan "auspices" as Leo Emil Wanta. Regan "apparently" comissioned Wanta to execute foreign currency trades, relating to the Russian ruble. Wanta "apparently" performed rather well and amassed a fortune of $27.5 trillion. Regans intention was for the "fortune" to be used for the benefit of the American people and, to revitalise the US economy. Not surprisingly, subsequent Presidential administrations "appear" to have embezeled these funds. There are many "twists and turns" in this story. In 1993 Vince Foster, former White House Deputy and ex-employee of "Rose Law Firm" and, therefore ex-colleague of "HELLary" Clinton "apparently" traveled to Geneva to collect a "disbursement" of $250 million. The "disbursement" had "apparently" been formally requested by US President Bill Clinton. The $250 million was "apparently" destined for the "Childrens Defense Fund" which was "apparently" a "pet project" of "HELLary Clinton". The $250 million was "apparently" given to "HELLary Clinton" by Vince Foster. It is possible (says lightworker 29501) that the "CDF" was a CIA operation and that "HELLary Clinton" was/is a CIA operative. Vince Foster who, it has been said, was in a "romantic" as well as, "professional" relationship with "HELLary Clinton" was "suicided" in 1993. The trillion dollar fortune is "apparently" still being plundered by, I imagine, khazar zionist thieves, in their many guises.