VATIC UPDATE ALERT: Exclusive Footage Inside 'Closed Walmart' In California, Cops Guard Dock and Entrances

*** a second update at local kmart- 4/20/15
 Today, traveling home from a meeting, I saw a huge fully loaded down RV pull into Wal Mart parking lot, and the store does not open for business until April 22.  It had luggage, bikes, and other "moving" paraphernalia, as if relocating here.   But they did not go anywhere else to unload, the first place they went was the parking lot while the store was not open for business.  

There was no hesitation, as if it was planned that way.  If they were tourists moving here, the first place they go is to the realtors office to set up house..... but they parked and never moved.  I went by later and they were still there.  No one had chased them out.  Now how strange is that in a little 6,000 resident poduck town with a Wal Mart that is NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS?   They did not park where the workers cars were parked.  They parked in a cordoned off spot on a roped off section with no other cars around.  Now, how strange is that? 

So, I decide to go in and see where they were from.  Sure enough, they were from Minnesota, and not Colorado.   So, they were packed as if moving.  OK, so then I went around to the side and saw workers in the back of the store,  and they stared at me, like I was not suppose to be there.  I noticed they were working on something looking like a hole in the ground, but knew I was not going to get an answer to "what they were doing there".  Instead I "SAW" the crew boss, use sign language to a worker who spoke back in spanish, which I did not understand and the crew boss, showed him using his hands and arms that he wanted him to do something to the ground.

So, am I right about them using massive illegals instead of Americans to do slave labor on the construction of the facility???  If so, then its in violation of laws all over the place with respect to immigration, testing for work permits etc.  I am already having a problem with Wal Mart being a globalist company, which means treason. 

Both activities were unusual, and not in line with what we saw everyday at wal mart or as someone said in the comments section  "mal wart", I thought that was so appropriate.  Have you ever seen the tall stacks of the cheap garbage they sell at ridiculous prices? They are committed to turning us into a third world country.  I have no doubt about it now that I have seen what I saw today.  

Vatic Note:   I could be wrong, but I just have the feeling this is about the twin star arriving.  Just look at all the fires going on right now,  Heat in January in the mountains of Colorado, with Denver at 60 degrees in January and last year it was 67 degrees in January in Denver.   And recently, we hear about deadly tornadoes in some states that have killed people.  I believe it was Illinois or Indiana.  They have been preparing for months for that twin star to arrive.  Remember, the Kolbrin Bible calls this returning star "The DESTROYER".

They also just built a huge walmart in my little podunc town of only 6,000 residents, and the county has only 12,000 residents, so why build a huge walmart here, when they have a big one in the town of Durango of about 30,000 residents AND ITS ONLY 58 MILES AWAY FROM MY TOWN???  It doesn't make any sense. Unless they intend to increase the population here by the thousands. I won't go into that until I can get more information. 

Oh, thats right they are sending in massive numbers of illegals to act as slaves for the fascists corporations in the United States, so they can change the mentality of the American worker into one of slavery.  Mexico has already accomplished that task, by Walmart hiring baggers in Mexico that do not receive any salary.  They have to make their income off of tips from the customers.  The population here does not justify the building of two walmarts within a short distance of each other, unless this has to do with protecting the billionaires buying ranches here, with the stated underground tunnels.

Here is another weird thing about it all.   Walmart hired workers from our town to work at the store which is scheduled to open on April 22, Wednesday.  A bunch of them quit already before the store even opened.  I have friends who work there and was told that its pretty bad working conditions for very little money.   A taste of slavery????  One of the hirees also told me that his background check was done by a company in India.  What???  Whats wrong with a company in the United States where Americans work???  ARE WALMARTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS GLOBALISTS??? I bet they are.

Look what I just found!!!! http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/20/us/politics/20walmart.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0  

Hillary clinton was Walmarts first woman Director to sit on their board while she was first lady of the Governor of  Arkansas.  I found it when I went to check out the Board of Directors and see what kind of people were being seated as directors since that companies reputation surpasses the lack of quality of their products and that is when I found Hillary and a photo of her.  Now I want to know what she knows, that we do not??? And she wants to be President of the USA.... only if someone rigs the election. 

Also go to this link and check out who sits on the Board of Directors,  THE CARLYLE GROUP,  Bush Sr favorite group for him that does bad things for the globalist cabal.   There were also a couple of bankers and a investment group represented, along with General Electric that is pretty much owned by the Queen of england, and the manufacturer of SMART METERS to be used in a global spy grid to spy on all resistance in order to quell such resistance.  Yup, the company is controlled by globalists.  So, whatever they are doing, its supporting the globalists.  No wonder they treat their workers like  crap.  Fascism and Zionism, a definitely deadly combination.

Exclusive Footage Inside 'Closed Walmart' In California, Cops Guard Dock and Entrances 

Published on Apr 18, 2015 by Daboo7,  Conspiracy Outpost, 7 hours ago,

I want to thank Stephanie for the footage, Pictures and info.

She filmed this at the Pico Rivera California Walmart Location That recently Closed for suspicious reasons. Walmart had never contacted the County to get permits for Plumbing work.

They have now covered the windows with black tarp, surrounded the place with cops and built a wall up inside so no one can see whats going on past the Pharmacy area. Why would All this be going on for PLUMBING? Plus Cops at the receiving dock at the back!


Questions remain, but thanks to folks out there that share their info to let others know what is Really Going On! Stay Tuned for More!

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Anonymous said...

I believe most Walmarts are designated places where RVs can dump grey water/waste. That may explain the behavior of the Minn. tourists. Their parking lots are big enough to handle most RVs and they hope the camper will restock supplies in their stores. Granted this particular Walmart is closed but that would not deter the driver from dumping his waste in a familiar manner and location. Just my .02.