RH Neg Blood - Theories of origination - Part 4 - Theory: Jesus "Yashua's" Nazarene

Vatic Note:  This below, was fascinating, and extremely educational.  Once again, I am amaze at what we did not know and how "fooled" we have been all these centuries.   Not just because of the theory we were considering, but the reality of what truly was during those times and which religion was Jewish and others that were not, as we see here, Jesus was not Jewish either by religion or DNA.....  Just to clarify, the point here is not whether he was Nazarene, its that he was NOT Hebrew or Jewish.  He had blonde hair and blue eyes, as did the Nazarenes ( he lived by the Sea of Galilee).

No wonder the khazars hate Christians,  if this ever got out and was believed by the faithful,  Jewish control of that global religion of Christianity would be completely gone.  Without their support, the sheer numbers would place the khazars down where they belong, in a minority psychopathic condition.

Their faith was different from the Jewish faith as well, you will read about it below.  Also we did a blog proving that Jesus had AB negative blood, which was even more rare back then, than it is today. This was a very interesting theory and certainly legitimate, for considering.  More proof would have to be forthcoming as his mother, Mary was stated to be Jewish. 

There will be more theories offered, but at least you are getting the more prominent theories all at the same place and same time, and it makes it easier to compare, both the evidence and the similarities or conflicts that would unite or separate the different theories.
Example:  RH neg could be alien blood, and also Jesus offspring, could have spread it around if he was either a hybrid or pure alien.  It doesn't mean either one of them are true, its just an example where it could be a combination of these choices.  Enjoy the read and you decide.  But there are more coming, so hold off til you have read them all.  Then decide.  If nothing else we are getting a crash course in "REAL HISTORY", instead of the khazar conjured up one.

RH Neg Blood - Theories of origination -  Part 4 - Theory: Jesus "Yashua's" Nazarene
Written by: Neil (Unknown), posted by Admin, RH Neg Registry, 

Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene: Found on: http://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_11992.shtml

We wonder today if there is a bloodline group alive today that has the same bloodline that Jesus (Yashua) was born with and I SAY YES.  This bloodline is not large in number but they represent about 10% of the global populations and can be found primarily in the United State but on all continents as well.   

These descendents have a rare blood factor and have prehistoric ancestors that can be tracked back to an area in the world known as the “Garden.” This original people group on earth were what we refer to today as Scandinavians.  Believe it or not, the oldest mummies all over the world had blonde hair, which also tells us that our original ancestors were Scandinavians.  I mean all of us.  It does not matter what color your skin is today, your original ancestors on earth were Scandinavian. When Jesus (Yashua) said we were all brothers he meant it literally.


Science can track this Scandinavian Bloodline from the exact location Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene tribes lived in Northern Israel back in time thousands of years before Jesus (Yashua) was born.  Jesus (Yashua) was not a Jew as people have falsely labeled him, he was a Nazarene and was probably born in the same Nazarene village where ran his ministry from in Northern Israel.  The Bible clearly states that Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene.

The Nazarenes were Scandinavians who apparently had the PURE Rh Negative bloodline factor, which can be tracked back in time to the original human race that was born on this planet in a part of the world that was known as the “Garden”.

After the original human race incarnated in human flesh on earth, Cain’s bloodline was created. Cain’s hybrid bloodline has a long history of in breeding.  Below are some examples of this in breeding.  Cain is actually a Biblical example of a human hybrid, so let’s start with Cain’s origins.
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    • According to what Jesus (Yashua) taught in the “Sophia Pistis Story” which can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge was the evil god of the Jews.  It was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge who was the biological father of Cain.  Jesus (Yashua) describes this evil fallen entity as a lion-faced reptilian.  As the story goes Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge raped Eve who gave birth to Cain.  Some say that Eve was not Cains actual mother and that originally Adam had a different wife.  The stories are very convoluted, however the point is that Cain was a hybrid from the start.

    • After the last BIG FREEZE and after the flood, which inundated the island of Atlantis that also generated the global Noah and the Ark stories, the survivors landed in the America’s, Africa, parts of the Middle East, the Canary Islands, the Azores etc. This people group was known to science as the “Adams.”  The “Adams” bred into the Middle East and seeded the Canaanites. They were also called the Phoenicians and the  “Sea People.”  It was the “Sea People” who also transported the Tribe of Cain –Dan” into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea

    • Another in breeding took place between the Scandinavian Nazarene tribes that Jesus (Yashua) would later be born into that are described in Egyptian records as having BLONDE HAIR BLUE-EYES. They were a tribe that lived in Northern Israel at the base of Mt. Carmel between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee.  They were referred to as the SHOSHU in Egyptian Hieroglyphics This in breeding took place so far back we have trouble tracking them.  Cain’s tribe was a wandering tribe of nomads with out a home, who were known in Egyptian hieroglyphics as the APIRU. The descendents of this in breeding became the Hebrew people of Northern Israel.
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The “Sea People” aka the Adams were the first people group who migrated out of Hyperborea after they were forced to leave for mingling with the gods.

Hyperborean legends tell us that two waves of human beings left Hyperborea.  The first wave moved into North America, Atlantis and eventually the America’s and the rest of the world, while the second wave moved into the Northern Scandinavian countries. 
In my research regarding the direct bloodline of Jesus Yashua, I have found little information.  Unfortunately the "Powers At Be" have all but destroyed these bloodline links to Jesus Yashua and his Nazarene bloodline.  However we can pick up the pieces today by tracking the Scandinavian Nazarene tribes on earth through national origins and their PURE Rh Negative blood factors.


The HOLY GRAIL writers appear to have associated the RED HAIR GREEN-EYED "Serpent Bloodline of the Cain with the Merovingian Kings that were a hybrid line of kings.  The Merovingian bloodline is not the PURE Rh Negative BLONDE BLUE-EYED Scandinavian descendents of Jesus Yashua and his Nazarene tribes.  One of the ways the Holy Grail authors make this association is by claiming Jesus (Yashua) is a Jew and then tracking a Jewish bloodline to the Merovingian kings, another way they do this is by not telling you that the Merovingian bloodline was the hybrid bloodline of Cain.   


We know from the teachings of Jesus (Yashua) and in the Nag Hammadi Documents as well as from prehistoric records, legends, myths, archeology etc., that a SPECIAL BREED OF HUMAN BEINGS were created initially.  They were and still are being created and they appear to have the PURE Rh Negative blood factor.

The Hyperborea, legends tell us that the original breed of human beings were perfect in almost every way.  Jesus (Yashua) teaches us that the original human race were incarnated heavenly beings who decided incarnate, in earth’s dimension, for several reasons. 
One of the reasons these souls incarnated originally was to populate the world and allow our souls or spirits to experience life in our three dimensional world.  Unfortunately part of this original bloodline became victims of the evil entities known as the “gods of Eden.”  

This original group of human beings had some pretty amazing talents, which appears to have include talents we can’t begin to imagine today.  Jesus (Yashua) stated that: “WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO MOVE MOUNTAINS.”  That we, at some point, we will be able to use skills and abilities even greater than he showed his followers on earth.  That we were originally born with these abilities and talents, until the evil jealous “gods” came into our three dimensional world to tamper with human DNA in an attempt to destroy our souls.

Lets now move to the blood factor theories.  Theory has it that the PURE Rh Negative blood factor is the blood factor of the Nazarenes and Jesus (Yashua).  The Rh Negative factor runs through the veins of approximately 10% of the global population today. The Rh Negative factor means that a person having this blood factor has pure blood.  These people do not have hybrid “Monkey Blood”, as do the Rh Positive bloodlines on earth.  Rh Positive means that people with this blood factor are positive for Rhesus Monkey protein, that they are essentially hybrid humans whose ancestors have been inbred with Monkey DNA. THE EVIL GODS DID IT, THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Woman with the PURE Rh Negative blood factor have trouble giving birth to babies, who have the Rhesus Monkey blood factor, these bloods to not mix. A PURE Rh Negative mother cannot carry a hybrid fetus.  Rh Negative blood has been mislabeled, on line, as diseased blood.  Science does not know where it came from.  However ancient legends tell us that original man had Rh Negative blood, which science is unable to track because it originated in the polar region, which is now under ice and snow.  This group appears to have originated in Hyperborea and then migrated into the rest of the world in pockets.

With out telling you more about the Rh Negative blood factor itself, what we do need to discuss is that this appears to be the blood factor being promoted by the HOLY BLOODLINE authors as being Jesus (Yashua’s) blood factor.  Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene, which would also seem to indicate that the Nazarenes had the Rh Negative blood factor as well. If this is the case then many people today have this blood factor running through their veins today.  It is this group who originally had the “Divine Right To Rule The World,” until it was stolen from them by these evil entities and their hybrid bloodlines.

If you have this factor in your blood you are special.  The down side is that you are also a target for victimization. In the last Bilderberg meeting they decided to chip implant all blue-eyed blond people with Rh Negative blood.  Chemtrails are designed to target those with the PURE RH Negative blood factor. Alien groups appear to abduct Rh Negative woman and us them as incubators in which to plant human alien fetus’s.  These HYBRID BABIES are born with reptilian copper based blood that has been combined with the Rh Negative factor.  Blonde blue-eyed babies are used in human sacrifices etc.  THE LIST OF VICTIMIZATIONS GOES ON. These Rh Negative Reptilian Hybrids are then abducted over and over again and used for any number of reasons, most of which we don’t even want to talk about, you can only imagine why.


Those promoting the hybrid bloodline of “Cain” aka the “Lost Tribe of Dan,” claim to be tracking Jesus Yashua’s family after his crucifixion into Europe, through France into Northern Europe.  What they don’t tell you is that this is the direction the “Serpent Bloodline of Cain” entered Europe THAT BRED WITH SCANDINAVIAN TRIBES.  DNA also shows us that they were the red hair green-eyed and dark hair dark-eyed tribes that were escorted into France, Spain and the British Isles by the “Sea People” that were the same race of people known as the “Adams” (Indians) who seeded the Canaanites.  

Once they entered these areas they bred with the Scandinavians.  After the last BIG FREEZE ended most of the Scandinavians migrated back to Scandinavia leaving behind hybrid descendents that were the result of the inbreeding with the “Bloodline of Cain.”  This bloodline left in these areas of Western Europe was an Rh Negative bloodline with hybrid DNA and was no longer a pure line.
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What I have learned from my research is that Jesus (Yashua) was a BLONDE BLUE-EYED Scandinavian.  Pontius Pilot described Jesus (Yashua’s) hair as being similar to the color of a walnut shell or chestnut shell.

Below is a copy of a letters written by Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar and the President of Judea describing Jesus (Yashua) as a Scandinavian.

He was not a dark eyed dark haired Judah Jewish type that we think of today, NOR DID HE HAVE THE RED HAIR AND GREEN EYES FEATURES FOUND IN THE TRIBE OF DAN.  So once again the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Church movement has lied to us about the real Jesus (Yashua).

The Orthodox Jewish and Roman Catholic Church founders have also mislead us regarding the religious beliefs and teachings of Jesus (Yashua).  Did you know that the Nazarene's had their own separate religion, which was also very different from the Jewish religion we find in our Bibles?  

Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene tribes worshiped a DIFFERENT GOD in separate temples, from the Hebrew tribes of Northern and the Judah Jewish tribes in Southern Israel.  THE NAZARENES ALSO HAD THEIR OWN SEPARATE SCRIPTURES.  Jesus Yashua never called his God Yahweh Jehovah; in fact he clearly referred to the gods of the Hebrews and Israelites as Satanic entities and knick named them snakes and scorpions.  Jesus (Yashua) referred to our GOD as FATHER and instructed his followers to do the same.

The beliefs and customs of Jesus Yashua's Nazarene tribes were very different from what we have been taught in our Orthodox Jewish and Roman Catholic Christian Church’s.  For an example, did you know that Jesus (Yashua's) Nazarene tribes believed that human and animal souls came from the same basic soul pool as we did and as such animals were precious.  Nazarenes did not kill and eat animals and it was forbidden to sacrifice them like the Hebrews and Jews did to appease their evil gods. (VN: aaah, that explains the Mormons position on eating meat.  It should only be done if there was no other food available.)

We have to remember here that several different tribes were considered to be Jewish during the time of Jesus (Yashua’s) ministry.  All of them had similar, yet at the same time, very different beliefs.  Jesus (Yashua) came to minister and reform all of them.   
The northern Hebrew tribes worshipped the gods known to us as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” The Southern Jews of Judah worshipped Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Yahweh Jehovah.

The Pharisee, Sadducee, Scribal, Talmud, and Torah Jews led these tribes with hidden doctrines and mystical teachings. Once you begin to read the books in the Nag Hammadi Library that apply to the Nazarene tribal beliefs, you will see that the teachings of Jesus (Yashua) and the Nazarenes were very different from what we have been schooled to believe by our religious leaders.

WE HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND THAT JESUS (YASHUA) CAME TO REFORM THESE SATANIC GROUPS, NOT TO JOIN THEM. KEEP THIS IIN MIND as you read the Nazarene, Essene and Gnostic sites on line.  Many of them incorporate SATANIC PAGAN doctrines.  Some of them are endorsing the satanic bloodline versions of the HOLY GRAIL facts.

Here are the letters I pulled off the web that were written by Pontius Lentullus and the President of Judea describing Jesus (Yashua) as a Scandinavian appearance.

The Description of Publius Lentullus
The letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius  

This is a reprinting of a letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar describing the physical appearance of Jesus. Copies are in the Congressional Library in Washington, D.C.


A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent Him. At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. 

This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! 

Unwilling to interrupt Him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to Him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews -- not the poor but the rich and powerful.

Later, I wrote to Jesus requesting an interview with Him at the Praetorium. He came. When the Nazarene made His appearance I was having my morning walk and as I faced Him my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as a guilty culprit, though he was calm. For some time I stood admiring this extraordinary Man. There was nothing in Him that was repelling, nor in His character, yet I felt awed in His presence. I told Him that there was a magnetic simplicity about Him and His personality that elevated Him far above the philosophers and teachers of His day.  

Now, Noble Sovereign, these are the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth and I have taken the time to write you in detail concerning these matters. I say that such a man who could convert water into wine, change death into life, disease into health; calm the stormy seas, is not guilty of any criminal offense and as others have said, we must agree -- truly this is the Son of God.  
Your most obedient servant,

Pontius Pilate

The following was taken from a manuscript in the possession of Lord Kelly, and in his library, and was copied from an original letter of Publius Lentullus at Rome. It being the usual custom of Roman Governors to advertise the Senate and people of such material things as happened in their provinces in the days of Tiberius Caesar, Publius Lentullus, President of Judea, wrote the following epistle to the Senate concerning the Nazarene called Jesus.  

"There appeared in these our days a man, of the Jewish Nation, of great virtue, named Yeshua [Jesus], who is yet living among us, and of the Gentiles is accepted for a Prophet of truth, but His own disciples call Him the Son of God- He raiseth the dead and cureth all manner of diseases. A man of stature somewhat tall, and comely, with very reverent countenance, such as the beholders may both love and fear, his hair of (the colour of) the chestnut, full ripe, plain to His ears, whence downwards it is more orient and curling and wavering about His shoulders. 

In the midst of His head is a seam or partition in His hair, after the manner of the Nazarenes. His forehead plain and very delicate; His face without spot or wrinkle, beautified with a lovely red; His nose and mouth so formed as nothing can be reprehended; His beard thickish, in colour like His hair, not very long, but forked; His look innocent and mature; His eyes grey, clear, and quick- 

In reproving hypocrisy He is terrible; in admonishing, courteous and fair spoken; pleasant in conversation, mixed with gravity. It cannot be remembered that any have seen Him Laugh, but many have seen Him Weep. In proportion of body, most excellent; His hands and arms delicate to behold. In speaking, very temperate, modest, and wise. A man, for His singular beauty, surpassing the children of men"

Science and religion have misled us as to the real person of Jesus (Yashua) his teachings and his bloodline.  Today we can track the Nazarene bloodline of Jesus (Yashua) through our Scandinavian genetic DNA.  We can see that the descendents of the Nazarenes are alive and well today and that they are not the same bloodlines being featured in the Holy Grail books, which is in all reality the bloodlines of Cain.

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Anonymous said...

I have A B negative blood, but I have brown eyes and brown hair.

Anonymous said...

Jesus committed/ commits treachery. The truth is always stranger than fiction. See below information on Rh Negatives. 7.21.15

Vegan Elite.


Are you more Neanderthal than Cro-Magnon?

Neanderthals have bigger, heavier bones, wider feet, wider knees, wider hips.
Neanderthals have veins that run through top of arm, rather than through the middle.
Neanderthals have O neg blood, Cro-Magnon A Pos.
Neanderthal have red hair, Cro-Magnon Blonde.
Neanderthal tend to be left handed, Cro-Magnon right handed.
Neanderthal females tend to have large breasts and precocious puberty.
Neanderthals tend to have savant abilities, dyslexia and dyscalculia.
Neanderthals tend to have longer bodies than Cro-Magnon, and shorter arms and legs.
Neanderthals have lower body temperature than Cro-Magnons. The world is set up for Cro-Magnons, which is why those of us with a lot of Neanderthal genes are effected so negatively by vaccinations and medications.
Neanderthals tend to have above average IQ, though some might struggle at school because school teaches you to learn the way Cro-Magnons do. Rather than the Neanderthal way, who prefer to learn by doing, rather than reading and repeating.
Neanderthals tend to be artistic and musical. Cro-Magnons are more planned and structured.
Neanderthals are free with feelings and are very open. Cro-Magnons tend to keep their feelings to themselves and can be seen as secretive.
Neanderthals prefer circular thinking, Cro-Magnons prefer linear thinking.
Neanderthals have very big round eyes, Cro-Magnon eyes are smaller.
Neanderthal man have very strong muscular arms.
Neanderthals love water and feel at home in it, Cro-Magnons are usually OK in water, but Homo Erectus struggle to swim.
Neanderthals have a large gap on their jaw, behind the third molar, Cro-Magnons don't.
Neanderthals have a 'Celtic Bun' a occipital bun on their skulls, and have a sloping forehead and the males especially have a strong brow ridge. Cro-Magons have no occipital bun, a high forehead and no brow ridge.

These are extremes of the two, because most of us are very mixed we could show bits from both.

If you have anything to add to the list please message me.

Website: http://www.templeoftheola.org/neanderthal-v-cro-magnon.html

Anonymous said...

Part 2 section a: Jesus committed/ commits treachery. The truth is always stranger than fiction. See below information on Rh Negatives appearances of all Bloodtype.

Vegan Elite.


Original Hair, Eyes and Skin Colour By Blood Group.
Blood drop
To help explain why we look the way we do. Please remember that because of how mixed most people have now become, not everyone is going to fit perfectly into these. The only group who are consistent in looks would be those families who have been consistent in only breeding within their own pure group of O negatives only, as these are the only blood group that isn't mixed with others through genetic engineering.

O Rh D Negative - The Most Ancient Blood Group.

Light Strawberry Blonde - Dark Auburn hair colour, with all the shades in-between.

Babies can be born with white hair which turns more of a copper auburn shade as they get older.

Babies can also be born with pale copper, turning more into a medium auburn as they get older.

Hair can be wavy or very curly, but rarely completely straight.

Skin colour is always white, from a very pale snow white through to a pale pink or peach.

Eyes are blue, grey or rarely violet. Because O negs normally have mood eyes they can change to any colour, but these are the normal colours.

O Rh D Positive - The Second Most Ancient Blood Group.

The first genetic experiment of the O negs mixing their genes with those of ancient simians created these people.

Hair colour can vary greatly and can be more or less any colour, from blonde straight through to black woolly hair.

Skin colour is also the most diverse in this group, from pale white through to black.

Eyes can be any colour at all.

The biggest effect on the looks of these people is dependent upon where they live in the world. The ones who were placed in hot countries evolved to have black skin and wooly hair, the ones in cold climate will have remained pale skinned. The black skin was needed for these people because without the protection of the hair that simians have all over their bodies, they would easily burn in the Sun, so black skin, despite what we are told, is part of evolution for those living in climates that required it, and NOT the other way round.

A Rh Positives Blood Group.

These were a later experiment of the Neanderthals, taking some of their own genes and mixing it with chimpanzee genetics.

They became the Homo Heidelbergensis, then with more experiments and evolution they became the Cro-Magnons.

Straight light blonde through to dark brown hair is dominant in this species.

Skin can be very pale to light olive.

Eyes are predominately green/hazel.

Because these were placed mainly in Europe they retained pale hair and skin.

A Rh D Negative Blood Group.

These are generally the same as A Rh positive in looks, but can also have some of the O neg looks as they are carriers of the O neg genetics.

B Rh D Positive Blood Group.

These were a results of experiments taking Neanderthal genes and mixing them with those of gorillas.

They became Homo Erectus, and still in some remote parts of Africa full blooded Homo Erectus can still be found.

They have black hair and black skin, and paler brown skin in some areas, and in other areas they became oriental looking. The genetic differences happened over long periods of time, creating the different looks, however a 'Native' American Indians today, still very much look like an oriental Asians.

Because gorilla skin is very black, most of this line are very black, however with experimentation and genetic engineering some became paler skinned. Some Neanderthals also chose to breed with these creating paler skinned ones through the generations.

They have brown eyes only.

To be continued: