Jade Helm 15 Walmart, Central Command for Underground Operations, now also going rural in Colorado, Home of the Satanic Airport & CIA New hdqtrs

Vatic Note:  I tried putting this up last night and they would not let me finish, so I am doing it now.  I have no idea how long this will stay up, so cut and paste it and save it, since they are trying to stop my vatic note.  Remember, I was a research analyst in my previous life, at least 25 years ago, but I learned how to do it and have done very well ever since.  It was the best education I could have gotten for doing this work that I do now.

So far, knock on wood, we have been right on about what we said was going on and what would happen and because of it, I have had a lot of apologies from sheep who didn't believe me.  In fact, one family felt so bad about how they treated me, that they gave me a car.   Hows that for making it right?  I loved it, since I needed it right when they gave it to me.   Anyway, on with the analysis.   

This, below,  explains what I saw in my hometown of Pagosa Springs, Colorado..... I saw digging around the WAL MART in my hometown by non english speaking hispanics, and the crew chief did not speak spanish so they were doing everything by animation and hand signs.

And yet the store had not officially opened for business and was not scheduled to do so until April 22.   It also explains why some families brought large RV fully equiped RV's, OUT OF SEASON,  as their home, onto the parking lot of Wal Mart instead of going to a camp grounds.   RV's in this area ALWAYS go to camp grounds and never use parking lots since they get harassed by the Sheriff if they try to park anywhere but their designated areas just specifically for RV's.

I saw no cops or anyone trying to get them to move.   This RV was massive and had to be a high up officers vehicle since it had to have cost a couple of hundred thousand since it was long, probably one of the longest I have ever seen,  with all the bells and whistles it had,  including an air conditioner.  It was also loaded with very expensive bikes and tanks and other stuff hanging off the back and hauling a small trailer and car.   So they were staying where ever they were going.... and expected to do so for a very long time.

I believe there must be an opening for those so prepared and they will live in their RV's underground.  That makes perfect sense.  It's cheaper than building underground cities.   I will try to watch for that and find out more as the days go by.   It also explains why they built a "BRAND NEW" huge wal mart in a little Podunct town like this one, high up in the mountains.

And someone is bringing in massive numbers of strangers we have never seen here before, and the town, IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, EARLY SPRING, has been filling up with hard bodied strangers speaking foreign languages, such as Dutch, German (There is a German military base not far from our border with New Mexico).  In winter time here, no one has hard bodies.

We are all fat from the cold and only in late spring when the snow stops do you see the hard bodies return.  Not so, this  year.  Many are dressed in camouflage, and I always ask if they are military or mercenaries.  Some show shock and ask "Why do you ask"?  Because they want to know what mistake they made that gave them away.  I never tell them. I am seeing more and more satanic t-shirts and symbolism of a satanic nature on car decals as well.   That certainly sends a message in this town, that is anything but satanic.   lol 

It appears that this is a safe haven for whatever they planned.  Now the map done by the military in 1996 under Cohen and Clinton makes sense.  It looks as if they are going to use an MP weapon to do the fault line along the Mississipi river which will cause a 40 foot or higher tsunami, which will flood the food belt of the mid section of the country.

Notice on the map this video is showing, there is only one region that has red circles and its in the southern half of the country.  The midwest where farm land is, has none.   That region is where the water seldom reaches from the gulf and now we know why they did the false flag gulf blow out.  It was a test of sorts and probably a war game.  They have probably made whatever adjustments they needed, to make this work for them.   

On the same day, I also saw massive digging and roles of rubber tubing that reminded me of fibre optics and I stopped and asked "Are you laying fibre optics underground for walmart"???  They said Yes.  Now why would they need that?  It was not being laid by our local cable or electric or telephone company.  They were using unmarked trucks, but the employees made it clear they were laying such line.

Well, if they are going underground, then they will need fibre optics to stay on line with their computers both for internet use, but also for satellite and other military operations.  Remember, out town was highlighted on national news back in 1996 or so showing us as the "NEW AREA 51", since the tourist problem in the original area 51 was becoming a serious security problem for them and that is when I found out about this place. I did not know enough back then to put 2 and 2 together to make 4.  I do now. 

Another thing that has been happening here, is our water company took down a huge section of wall on the side of their water plant and were doing major digging of the floor, saying it was for improvements inside of it that did not seem to be justified by our small population, UNLESS THEY WERE ANTICIPATING A MASSIVE INCREASE FROM SOMEWHERE or they were preparing to send water and receive sewer from underground.  Either soldiers are coming or underground water and sewer is being laid for the powers that be who are moving here from the large cities.

Well, enough on the Analysis.  Now its time to read, watch the video, digest what you are seeing and begin doing intel gathering in your area, and post it somewhere, that you trust, so that those in your area can prepare,  AND NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.  IF YOU DO, YOU ARE DEAD.

JH 15 Walmart, Central Command for Underground Operations 
Published by Christina Beauchamp,  on Apr 19, 2015
By Rise Above:

Correlations are mapped between Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), underground RR, tunnels, and specific Walmart closings. Central Command and Communications are said to begin operating from these locations.









VIDEO #2 - 

Walmart Directly Tied To DHS - Inside Info May Have Prompted Store Closures

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