Princess Cristina of Spain Is Charged in Corruption Case

Vatic Note:   I did this in two parts within the same blog.  The first is how the royalty are treated in court compared to the average working stiff.  The second confirms it with the rejection of her appeal to have all charges dismissed, and so she will be going to trial by the end of this year.  Its going to be interesting to see how this turns out.  Notice the decision to reject her appeal was in January 2015 and yet she won't be going to trial until the end of this year. Nice. 

It says in the protocols that the khazar zionists intend to go after the royalty they do not control.  It appears her predecessor was not bothered by his corruption, and neither was her husband until her brother ascended the throne with a promise to clean up such corruption.  That promise may have been what triggered this deal right here.

Khazars are well known for going after those who are a threat to their criminal mafia operations.  As we all know, they have murdered a number of journalists who were on their tail.  I won't go into that here and now, rather just a way to see how much different we are treated than the royalty who come from the "bloodlines".   And just how different the bloodlines with integrity are treated if they go against the international khazar/zionist mafia.  She is as much a victim here as we all are.

Princess Cristina of Spain Is Charged in Corruption Case

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Spanish "royal" family have Khazar Zionist links, deriving from the "grandmother of Europe" Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria's children were "apparently" sired by Lionel Nathan Rothschild, as "Prince" Albert's preferences lay elsewhere. link is www.theworldoftruth.net/HallettReport/ How-to-take-over-the-World.html