UPDATE 4/23/15 : Our sun this morning was back to golf ball size: PLANET X IT’S HUGE, IT’S BAD, IT’S HERE – Latest Nibiru Planet X Updates April 2015

*** update 4/23/15 Our Sun this morning was back to almost golf ball size after being basketball size for so very long.  I beiieve the dark star is heading back home.  We had our earthquakes, a couple of volcanoes and some weather and flooding and a couple of tornadoes and a few serious forest fires, droughts, and water problems, but nothing as bad as was expected...... so now they will not have cover for their planned depopulation efforts.  Its going to be interesting to see how they manage to get around this. 

As usual, they messed it all up like they have with all their false flags, so now we will know fully, when something bad happens.  I suspect they will be forced to stick with the economic disaster and that will kill off all the seniors who collect Social Security and thus, the khazar zionist mafia can confiscate the seniors $2.7 trillion trust fund that we all paid into for generations so we would have retirement when it was time for it.   

These mafia cabal criminals "usless feeders" name calling, on seniors, seems to forget about the life time of work they did to support their government and paid into their own social security and it was in higher valued dollars as well.  And just so you know, they are doing the same thing to the permanently handicapped.  Nice, huh?  Talk about torture.  They are going to make seniors die by starvation and that is the worse kind of death there is.  

I am seriously telling you these members of the  mafia cabal are truly and deeply insane. They have already cut many seniors and permanently handicapped by over 60% on their food stamps.  I know some who went from $200 per month down to $16 per mo, already and they are on fixed income with NO COST OF LIVING INCREASES.   While congress got full cost of living increases.  I means, really,  TALK ABOUT USELESS FEEDERS..... that is our congress and white house. 

Vatic Note: (Thats why the underground facilities were built.) I grew up without TV.  It had not been invented when I was a young kid, so we used to play outside all the time.  Sometimes I would lay in the grass, eating wild spearmint leaves that grew in the lawn, and watch the sun and clouds roll by.  I got to know the type of clouds, and which ones had figures in them like animals or human faces, etc AND I got to watch the sun.  Yes, I did without any damage to my eyesight.   It has been 20/20 for most of my life.

In watching the sun all year round, we learned what it looked like during different times of the year and the question we would ask is "Why"?  Why isn't it the same size all year round???  I noticed back then and confirmed it regularly, that "when the sun is closest to us in June it looks like a baseball, and when its furthest away from us, it looks like a golf ball.   Well, recently I have been wondering why Denver and my area in Colorado was getting 60 degree temps for two years straight in January.

The answer we got was to purposely look at the sun and see why the heat in January and the chemtrail dumping of artificial snow which we covreed on a blog on here.   I finally decided to look directly at the sun when it went behind some trees, that interfered with the intense light, but allowed the shape to come through the various spots within the tree and guess what?  Up until yesterday, it was the size of a basketball and I had never seen that before, it was huge.   Today, I looked and its now double the size of a basketball.  So, I know for myself that this is real and it is here.

However, it is coming from the south, so it won't do near the damage it did 3,600 years ago when it last came around. If it had come in on the elliptic, it would have been devastating.  However, as Rahm Emmanual says "Never let a good crisis go to waste".   I believe the powers that be have something planned to try and make this into a population killer and instill FEAR PORN, which they are famous for doing.

A Mayan Shaman said that "there is nothing to fear, its just the return of the ancestors and wisemen."   So what did that mean???  We published a video interview of that shaman with regard to this issue and post it in December, either 2010 or 2011 and I don't remember which.  Anyway, you check this all out and you decide. We also did a video of Bill Cooper telling us that the PTB intend to use us through fear, to fight the "good" aliens that are coming.

Do I know if that is true?  No!  I only know what he said and then he was killed.   That gave what he said a lot more credibility, since killing him triggered our belief that he was telling the truth or they would not have killed him.

PLANET X IT’S HUGE, IT’S BAD, IT’S HERE – Latest Nibiru Planet X Updates April 2015
By Lavendar Rose,  Before Its News,  April 15, 2015


This is a great capture of this monster planet getting closer everyday and traveling very fast, here you can see Two Suns-Real Nibiru Footage-3D Video-Used 3D Glasses

Immanuel Velikovsky demonstrated that there was massive evidence of both a literary and scientific nature that great catastrophic earth changes had occurred during the second millennium BC due to cometary showers and the close passage of Venus.


There is  evidence for a disruption circa 5200 BC, 8,800 BC, 12,400 BC, 16,000 BC, 19,600 BC, and by logical extension every 3,600 years previously for an indefinite and unknown period of time. 
He mentioned the last “return” to be in 1628 BC,  we are overdue for the next one.  Coastlines will be devasted and land masses will sink, volcanos will erupt from the pressure of this large mass getting closer to earth.  Our magnetic fields are affected, the earth will shake like you have never felt it before, our sun will continue to freak out.  All the planets in our solar system are perturbed by its presence.
Here John Moore recommends everyone get a hobby farm and MOVE out of the coastlines, and out of large cities.


Overlapping Galaxies 2MASX J00482185-2507365

UFO Photo Ft Worth Texas 2011
Comet Elenin/ Hercolubus/ Nemesis/ Nibiru/ Wormwood/ Planet X


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UFO Photo Ft Worth Texas 2011


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Gun Control Gandhi Quote SOURCE NaturalNews,com
This poster was banned on facebook
Planet X by lassekongo83

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