OH, My Gawd, Google Has an Electronic Tattoo That will be Needed to Authenticate Our Electronics

Vatic Note:    Once you read this,  you might have to start shopping for someplace else to go for all your internet needs.  Its becoming clear that google does not respect our need for protection through our constitution, from the tyrants who have always tried to control and dictate to the world. You can ignore the religious aspects of this if you wish, since our main purpose in putting this out here is the serious nature of the proposals that are coming out from Obama, in Obama care and by Google in authentication of their services.  Once I saw this video, I then understood why the CIA gave Google its seed money to start that company.

It was for the purposes of tracking and spying on every single individual on the planet after "depopulate" and then they impose their "SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER" on us.  That has been made clear as a bell on this video and he provides more evidence than you can get anywhere else. It was also made clear as a bell in the emergency blog I put up last night about the ATF coming for our ammo and interfering with our purchasing of such ammo.

The problem with the video is, he does it in a religious context, which would eliminate non christian religions and those who belong to other religions and even no religion, and would not take it seriously.  This is not only a CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE, but its also a political issue.   If we have functioning guns, then they are in trouble, as they already know, or they would not have gone through so many false flags and controlled opposition attempts to get us to give up those guns and every nation that has fallen to tyranny did so AFTER GIVING UP THEIR GUNS.  Tattooing us is a nothing compared to taking our guns and ammo from us.

AS the Russians warned us..... they gave up their guns and the zionists took over Russia and ruled it with an iron fist.  Who knows how many of the Russian children were killed, pedophiled and had their blood taken in Russia.  It would be nice to know, since it had to have happened, since it has happened everywhere they have taken over a nation.  It will happen to us as well. 

This must be taken VERY seriously since its no different than the smart meters in their impact and in fact, I believe they will somehow connect them, to then tie us all into a global grid of spying, to reduce the risks of resistance.  If you are religious or spiritual, its even more profound in that its been written about in the ancient Bible and you run the risk of being one of millions of Christians they intend to massacre just like they did in Russia.  The implications of this is way greater than we can imagine.

So either they had this planned centuries ago, or it was truly revealed by God to those writing the Bible.  You will find this in revelations. Check it out and you decide. Remember, its not whether YOU believe this about the mark of the beast, its whether the insane perverts doing all this unethical illegal and perverted stuff, believes it.  Its what drives these Satanists, they actually believe what they are saying and doing.....  DO NOT TAKE THE MARK. 

Urgent, 2015. Make this video viral before it is taken down!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywuPS7uyIO8 
Published by Edgar Eddie, on Sep 10, 2014


Avoid this mark at all cost. The bible makes it very clear that the only way to avoid the mark on your right hand or forehead or end up worshipping the beast is that your name be written in the lamb's Book of Life.

"And all the people who belong to this world worshipped the beast. They are the ones whose names were not written in the Book of Life before the world was made--the Book that belongs to the Lamb who was slaughtered." (
Revelation 13:8)

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