What the Royal Family Doesn't Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Part 6, 7, and 8

Vatic Note:   The Question arising within these videos is "Is Prince William of Britain, the designated "Anti-Christ"?"   Well, after watching these, you will know that the powers that be have done more than enough to ensure, Prince William will be designated "The Anti-Christ".   You will find that elaborate plan on Video 6, and its necessary to understand Video 7, which is even more elaborate and informative.   Spreading the word, may well, stop all of this, since everyone will be able to identify when it happens and thus it will not work. 

Video 7  provide evidence that the lost tribes of Israel,  ended up being the vikings which included the tribe of Dan, and they ended up in Great Britain, and have been there ever since.   Simultaneously,  but much later, the khazars infiltrated Britain through offspring of royal birth, which occurred when Queen Victoria married a gay blade named Prince Albert, who wanted nothing to do with siring an heir to the throne, so Rothschild provide the services needed to produce such an heir.  Hard to believe, I know, but she does an excellent job on all these videos providing evidence and sources to her contentions. 

If these are true, than we have not only been lied to, we have been cheated out of our labor and other assets by these royals who are really Jewish khazars, through interbreeding and in Prince Williams case, also cloning, at least that is what video 6 informs us and how that all ended up.  I BET THAT IS WHY THE POWERS THAT BE ARE SAYING RH NEG CANNOT BE CLONED. 

So we will believe them and not believe that Prince william is a clone, but Diana's behaviour through her pregnancy absolutely shows there is more to the pregnancy than what is normal.....  These are fascinating stories and there is no doubt that William is a practicing Satanist, as we proved with a blog about his Baphomet patch on his military uniform that he wears in front of everyone.  Anyway, you watch and decide. 

What the Royal Family Doesn't Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Parts 6,7, and 8 
Published on Apr 3, 2014
Well Who HAS HAD ENOUGH of seeing the pukes on our news media constantly, while the news cover ups OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS Eroding HERE IN AMERICA. This movie can be purchased at: http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/DVD-K...
Video -  Part 6

The royals promote themselves as pure virginal royalty but what is the TRUTH. These people think that they are gods on earth and we are useless eaters. WAKE UP these people are not to be role models. DON"T BE SLAVES WORSHIPPING YOUR SLAVE OWNER. Worship the ONLY and True GOD: Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and the only one to the Heavenly Father.

 Video - Part 7 


VIDEO - PART 8  -  VN:  When you listen to this in the beginning, they will talk about using animal sacrifices for their sacred services, which tells you this is not the God of Jesus who requires that.  We did a blog on Christs teachings as laid out by the Essenes who wrote about his teachings as he taught among the people.  In one of the four we published, Christ taught that "animals have souls and should not be sacrificed".  Now that fits with the New Testament of the Bible, in that Christ stopped all animal sacrificing saying that he came to serve that purpose.   When I read that, it made perfect sense to me, and it fit with the fact that its been proven now that he was NOT JEWISH rather a Nazarene.  He had blonde hair and blue eyes.  WE ARE BEING TRICKED AGAIN BY THE SATANISTS.  

This last video of this series is the most enlightening of them all.   It shows why and how satanism pervades the khazar zionists. Notice the role of Britain in all of this, which supports the fact that these are khazars occupying the royal house of Britain and William will sit on the throne in the temple built in Jerusalem.  With America HATED AROUND THE WORLD, THE LAST DEFENDER OF THE WORLD CAPABLE OF KEEPING THE WORLD FREE, WILL HAVE FALLEN.  WE, THE PEOPLE MUST NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.


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