Hillary Clinton’s Secret College Thesis on Satanist Saul Alinsky, currently 1 of Obama's Czars, LEAKED

Vatic Note:  Well, the various New World Order designated candidates are beginning the process of  lining themselves us for the 2016 election cycle and its already proving to be quite an experience.  The jockeying around has been impressive.  So far the most visible candidate has been the least palatable one, and that figures.  I can't even imagine why she is running, since I know no one who supports here.  I mean, literally, no one.  Is this going to be another zionist bogus-ed up election? 

Now we find out she admired Saul Alinsky, talk about "No taste" or choices in men, as her husband has proven, and so she turned to women and who does she pick for a girl friend who served on her staff at the SOS offices???  A mossad agent.  Nice, huh?  Leave it to the khazars to find a weakness and exploit it, either through black mail or bribery.   Don't forget, Hillary "Rodham" is a khazar by birth.

I hope someone runs that is honest and has integrity, but those kind of people are getting so rare these days, that its hard to imagine who they could use to front for them that isn't corrupt.

Hillary Clinton’s Secret College Thesis on Satanist Saul Alinsky LEAKED

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