What the Royal Family Doesn't Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Part 9, 10,

Vatic Note:  If you have been following this series on our blog here, then you know that this has been discussed in depth over most of these videos.  Today, I have decided to let you see them without my comments except for those listed below.   That way you can decide for yourselves and make your own world as you wish it to be.  God Bless us all and support our efforts to undue the damage that has already been done.

All I do want to say is as you watch these videos, it will simply blow your socks off.   It did to me.  I had no idea about King Solomon and now I do.  Same with the wailing wall, where occult worship takes place and acts simulating sex are committed at the wall by those worshipping there.   This is all satanic and occult.

What the Royal Family Doesn't Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Part 9, 10, 
Published by CombatForTheFaith on Apr 3, 2014
Well Who HAS HAD ENOUGH of seeing the pukes on our news media constantly, while the news cover ups OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS Eroding HERE IN AMERICA. This movie can be purchased at: http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/DVD-K...

The royals promote themselves as pure virginal royalty but what is the TRUTH. These people think that they are gods on earth and we are useless eaters. WAKE UP these people are not to be role models. DON"T BE SLAVES WORSHIPPING YOUR SLAVE OWNER. Worship the ONLY and True GOD: Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and the only way to the Heavenly Father.

Video #9


Vatic Note:  These are so mind boggling, its hard to digest, but we best do so, if we wish to prevail.  Do not go into fear or hate, rather go into feeling RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION AND ANGER.   That will put you in a mind set that says "NO WAY WILL WE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH".  We are all here for a reason and we chose to come at this time, so lets do what we came to do and end this once and for all time.

Video #10


Watch for video #11 and #12 in the near future to finish this off.  I would down load and replay these to remember and remind ourselves, since these are hard to reconcile with our view of our world.   If they prevail, we will never see anything like the world we have known, ever again unless we take this nation back again. 

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Anonymous said...

The US government has been actively provoking the population to civil unrest:
To what end ?
"the domestic race issue which has exploded again"
Is what they are calling it:
If everyone was following correct procedure there would not be a problem.
The unrest has been deliberately planned & nurtured & here it is.
But - to what end.
What does the establishment want ?
Are these riots to cover up something more synyster ?
Has something happened or is something about to happen that will be blamed on the riots & the people ?

Anonymous said...

Are you on holiday ?
It is probably well deserves - enjoy.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous 2, no I am not on Holiday, I wish I were. LOL Why did you ask? Is there something in the blogs that indicated that I might be gone???