Four visions of city life in 2040 - planned-opolis.flv

Vatic Note:   Once you read this and watch the cartoon video,  then please read the article in the link I put up in the 3nd paragraph of this Vatic Note,  about what the zionist mafia cabal is doing in China, where they have had almost total control over the nation and its people.   Its a real life example of what their plans are for Europe, and America.   If they achieve their goal of a one world New World Order, this video will show you what your life will be like. We will enter a satanic dark ages the likes of which the world has never seen before.   What amazed me is how this video below in this blog, uses such nice sounding terms and yet when you see the other one of China, you realize, they are LYING AGAIN TO US.  What is new.....

It will be different than anything you could imagine, including how and where you will live, since they will dictate that to you, like this link proves they are doing to the chinese.  Please take the time to read it and look at the buildings they are putting up to make the Chinese live like sardines in a very small but densely packed building plan.   Earlier I had read they plan on us in small densely packed units WITH SMART METERS to ensure we never resist or rebel. I also half expect they will exercise control over our family sizes as was done with the Chinese.  And probably take control of our children to make sure they are indoctrinated properly. 

Open spaces like national parks and forests along with rivers, lakes and sea, will be reserved for the elite, so they don't have to put up with us smelly masses ruining their golf games and hunting parties.  Here is the link about China and only view/read it after you have watched this propoganda piece below.  Then,  on my link I gave to you has a video that is in Chinese, but it is a leader, probably trained at Oxford, who is indicating China's supporting the UN agenda 21 for controlling the globes population.

There will be no life after slaving work.  Check out the photos of the buildings they are to live in.  Remember, this population has lived in rural areas on farms and ranches for generations and now they will be squeezed into tiny boxes and work as slaves for the elite.  

I don't know why they titled it "four visions...." since they only showed one, and I am showing you a second one that is currently in progress in China.  Remember, the Georgia Guidestones promise us there will be only a half billion world wide, left after they depopulate this planet.  Keep that in mind as you read all of this. It means they plan to kill off approximately 6.5 billion souls from this planet. SO WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE TO FIGHT LIKE BANCHEES and NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS OR AMMO. 

Four visions of city life in 2040 - planned-opolis.flv 
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The coming slave society portrayed as a good thing using a woman to sell the long term plan as they know if they get the women they have the kids. Use the women to control the men and have this new utopia controlled by a few to benefit the few at the expense of the rest. This is all part of the globalists plan using environmentalists who are using fake data to con us.


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