Where have 200,000 homeless (many are homeless vets) Vanished to???

Vatic Note:  This is criminal, this was done intentionally and that is what makes it criminal.  The "Rothschild/Rockefeller" owned Federal Reserve has resisted any audits, and especially audits on Ft. Knox gold status.  I remember how the protocols announced that the accumulation of gold was one of their top priorities for not only personal wealth but also for globalizing and making their agenda a reality. 

If we do not speak up now, they will assume we don't care and when it comes to our turn, there will be no one left to speak up for us.  Our turn is coming, make no mistke about it.  Do not go into fear, go into righteous anger and take a stand.  If we do a RICO against these bankers, then they will be the next homeless and  then we can trade them in for the People citizens who are poor and get them back  to work. 

Where have 200,000 homeless Vanished to??? 
Published by ChristianVideoChannel on May 27, 2014
People keep reporting that the homeless in their areas, mostly larger cities are just vanishing? 200,000 according to statistics of homeless audits...With some cities making homelessness or feeding the homeless Illegal, this is very alarming! (VN: Bloomberg did what he did because he is a khazar and has no soul or humanity, so he aided  in this conditon for NYC when he was mayor.  That is not all he did or said.  Its just the most heartless of the acts he perpetuated.)

What is happening to these people? Is someone Taking them? If so, where are they taking them to?

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