The Demoralization of the US Military: Our 318 Million Citizens will Have to Back up the Military for WW III

Vatic Note:  Vatic project has been talking about this very issue for several years now and gave multiple reasons for why our military has been so demoralized.  It was intentionally done to ensure that we lose WW III just like they did in both WW I and WW II.   Now today, I find out that Veterans administration are having to send in Medical Reports to the Government powers that be so they can confiscate those veterans guns.

We will be putting up a blog on that probably for tomorrow.   We also did a blog proving that Jade Helm was rounding up homeless, and that included Veterans who were homeless, and no one knows what has happened to those veterans. 

What are some of the reasons that we discovered and reported that the military is so demoralized?   And what can we, the people do about it??? 

1.  When these vets get back home after they have served in the bogus crappy wars our foreign infiltrated government starts,  they find they have lost families, homes, jobs, and respectful treatment from the military and the VA.
2.   One of our so called "allies" sold the plans to our most sophisticated fighter jet, the F-22,  to China who is one of our designated enemies. Then the airforce grounded the entire fleet of F-35's that are having design problems.  Now that would demoralize anyone.
3.    That same ally also shipped a whole cargo ship with our most sophisticated patriot missle defense systems to china as well.  The ship was stopped by the fins and held up and the cargo confiscated and sent back to us.  That also would demoralize anyone.
4.    These soldiers were told by their military leaders WHO DID NOT GET FIRED BY EITHER ADMINISTRATION,  to conduct war crimes and crimes against humanity by harming and attacking civilians, which is forbidden internationally, since civilians are normally unarmed.
5.  Our soldiers were also satanized and used for medical experiments for drug companies using psycho tropic drugs, and we all know what those do to anyone taking them.  It makes  you violent against anyone including yourself.
6.  Oathkeepers and others like Tillman, were killed by friendly fire, if they were complying with the "legal acts" of war, instead of following orders that were clearly illegal.
7.  Military weaponry contracts were given to China (OUR SUPPOSED ENEMY) to make our weapons and when we got them back, they didn't work.  The wrong electronics parts were used, and in many cases, the same parts were inoperable.  Remember, China's leaders were trained at Oxford, the home of secret societies, that JFK warned us about before they killed him, and Goldman Sachs is China's exclusive international brokerage house for their markets.  So the Khazar Zionists bankers are the ones doing all of this.
8.  then we had our "foreign infiltrated government"  fire hundreds of pentagon leaders who were responsible for these men and seeing to it that war was conducted according to international ethical standards.  This not only happened under Obama, who fired 92 of the top officials in the Pentagon, but it also happened under President Cheney, when he dismissed hundreds of leaders in the Pentagon before they left office. 
9.  The military wounded in Iraq and elsewhere were charged for meals when they were in the hospital as a result of their wounds from fighting in the war. And further, they watch thousands of our soldiers who they had bonded with, being premanently maimed from inadequate equipment, and protection, which we covered in a blog on this site.  Having been in the military, I can tell you that these things were intentional. 
10.  And as this article shows,  after supposedly fighting for our nation, and freedom for other countries,  these soldiers come back home and are treated horribly by the VA, government agencies,  communities and veterans memorials are controversial.  Yes, that would demoralize anyone.   I know, I am veteran from the Vietnam Era.

These are only a few of the many that these sons, daughters, spouses etc, have experienced that have demoralized these soldiers.   The military "READINESS" of our total military is affected by moral, and thus our readiness is off as well.  So what do we do about it???

We stand with them, armed and let them know that they are doing the  right thing if we stand with them in defense of our nation and our Constitution and form of Republic government.   If we must do that, then, we must also kicked out the foreign occupiers of our government, NEVER to be allowed back into this country.

Finally, we break with England and end MI6 control over Homeland Security, the CIA and Other intel and military sections of our government.  We must take a stand united like never before.  Right, left, Christian, Muslim, Black, White, and men and women.   WE cannot let them divide us for any reason. 

The Demoralization of the US Military 
By Patrick Howley,  Daily Caller, on April 23rd, 2015

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