Were the Criminal Mafia Bushes Involved in the Death of Bob Marley? Earning their Bones??

Vatic Note:  I have never ever trusted George HW Bush even way back when.  I was a very young woman when JFK was killed.   I had met JFK, he talked with me, shook my hand and gave me a pat on my shoulder for all the work I had done for him during his campaign.   I will never forget the time and effort he took to reach me and thank me for my work.  I was an impressionable young woman of only 16, so you can imagine how devastating to me his death was, especially the method.

He was that kind of a caring and high integrity man.  He had his flaws as we all do, but compared to the past 20 years, he was volumes above all Presidents since his death.  His death was the down side of the quality of our leaders and it has just gotten worse as we have seen.   Bush Sr, did more than just assassinate a President, he killed a nation, if we allow it and I am sure, that he is very proud of that fact.  By the way, he is an infiltrated nazi, and his real name is Sherff,  as a blog we did, proves. 

His father, Prescott was a nazi plant and brought his son, 14,  GHW over from Germany, and confiscated the Bush name as cover.  This, that is happening now, has always been their agenda and the Bush's were pivotal in achieving what has occurred so far. 

John Judge on the Bush family 1988
He saw Bush Jr. coming decades earlier
- and Neil and Jeb too
By Brass Check TV

John Judge was one of the finest researchers we've ever had.
He passed away recently (April 2014).

In this talk he talks about the young Bush family. Twelve years before Bush the Idiot became president, his pockets were already being lined by various Middle Eastern clients of the Bush family.

But the real story is the visit Ned Bush paid on Bob Marley just days after Marley was shot. Bush impersonated a Rolling Stone reporter to get access to him.

You tell me...


Further down the rabbit hole; Another patrician young man whose father had been CIA Director, Carl Colby, also found it necessary to wangle access to Marley during this period. 

Vatic Note:  If you have any doubt about Bush senior and his criminality as CIA Director, this additional video will disabuse you of that doubt. What was GHW Bush doing at the Book depository in Dallas during the JFK assassination?   For that alone he should be tried and if found guilty, he should pay the  ultimate penalty.  That is treason and he should pay the price AND HISTORY SHOULD REFLECT SUCH TREASON.


- See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/the-treasonous-bush-family/john-judge-on-the-bush-family-1988.html#sthash.yAbfIVZB.dpuf

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