Fake Jews And The Coming Destruction Of Israel

Vatic Note:  We published something about how the US, under Bush Jr, gave  Israel millions of dollars to build a nuke hardened bunker, right after 9-11, and Barry Chamish, an Israeli reporter showed us the bunker in the desert that Israel built and how it was nuke hardened.   Well, why did they do that?  There was no threat back in 2003 that would have assumed a nuke attack by anyone, so why?

Well, listen to this and know its because these khazars hate the Real Jews as much as they hate Christians and a nuked Israel would take thousands of years to recovered from the radiation of these modern day nukes.   That means they could not be lead by the Messiah back to Israel.   It also explains why these khazars bought up land in Petagonia, located in South America.

They never intended to stay in Israel.  And just look at the resort type coast line of Petagonia.   Its perfect for investment and making big money off of tourists.  The only tourists will be the wealthy ones since everyone else will be a slave working for them. 

Fake Jews And The Coming Destruction Of Israel 
Published on Mar 15, 2013

Texx Marrs goes over some information on Israel and the origins of the Jewish people


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Anonymous said...

I have just watched on youtube.
The Invention ofthe Land of Israel - book launch with Shlomo Sand. Front Line Club Talks.
It was very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Q: are we sure that the bunker is real - I am mor eincluned to believe that the bunker is fake footage & the power brokers of Israel pocketed the money.
It is said that Netanyahu & his collagues do not live in Israel but France & other nice places, that a jet carts him/them to work & back. /?