Coincidence Or Kill Switch? Google, Nasdaq, Amazon, Microsoft, All In Two Weeks? (Video)

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Vatic Note: There are more  coincidences that she has not discussed, for instance, G Schmit of Google fame, has stepped down without saying why. Same with some other high powered names.  The author speculated that we maybe seeing a test of a kill switch for the internet.  Frankly, he could be very right about that, but I have a second speculation for us to ponder.

Could it be the earths' electromagnetic sphere was interrupted by the approaching twin star and planets by creating CME's?  That would also take it out of the realm of "coincidence" and place it into the realm of "make sense" that all were affected at the same time.

Remember, we have said from the beginning that the arrival of the twin star was said by the Mayan Shaman to be nothing to fear.... its the "return of the ancestors and wisemen".  Because it is coming from the south, it won't be near as devastating as it has been in the past.

Poles will be affected, by how much, we don't know, but expect early fall this  year if you live in Colorado.  That is what we are having in my neck of the woods.  Now having said all that.... its just speculation since we still do not have as hard evidence as I would like, but we do have some  based on charts and locations of other celestial bodies.

Finally, it could be a kill switch situation, but I can't believe it of these devil worshippers.  They are control freaks and the minute they knock down the net, they are out of control.   People will get up from their computer and begin to do something about all this.  Some are doing so already.  So my bet, and that is all it is.... my bet, is that its the twin star. 

Coincidence Or Kill Switch? Google, Nasdaq, Amazon, Microsoft, All In Two Weeks? (Video)
By Susan Duclos, Before It's news
On Thursday the Nasdaq Market suffered what they claimed was a glitch in their system which caused them to halt all trading for approximately three hours, which locked up trading in stocks with a total market capitalization of $5.7 trillion.

Taken alone, this so-called glitch, while concerning, would be nothing more than a newsflash, it happened, it ended, situation over, but over the last two weeks there have been other “glitches” and “outages” and “technical errors.”

One doesn’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to think that it is all a little too coincidental.

August 14, 2013- Microsoft’s Outlook, SkyDrive, and People technologies experienced problems, making it difficult for some people to access the cloud services.  August 18- Microsoft says it has fully recovered from a service outage that affected some users.

August 16, 2013- Google Outage: Internet Traffic Plunges 40%

August 19, 2013 – Amazon.com, the website of the world’s largest online retailer, went down today for many users across the United States and Canada.

August 20, 2013- A flood of erroneous trades hit U.S. equity options markets on Tuesday as they opened for business when Goldman Sachs Group sent orders accidentally because of a technical error, the latest trading problem to hit the options market this year.

Nasdaq, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Goldman Sachs– Two is a coincidence, three really bad luck, but five?

[Update] Make that six, a reader just emailed me with an August 7, 2013 link- Outages effect App Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store, and iTunes for some users today.

Is it possible we are seeing a test of the Internet Kill Switch?


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