State Threatens To Confiscate Child For Drinking Goats Milk

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Vatic Note:  What is the name of that doctor who did that?  Medical information is private and confidential.  He violated  the cannon ethics of medical practices.  She should sue him and take every penny that man/woman has. What state did this happen in?  What county and town?  What was the law they did this under?

That is why they federalized the school system to indoctrinate these kids.   Her  parents would never in a million years ever let the state do that to them.  This truly is nazi Germany before Hitler turned on his zionist banker handlers.   How could a mother sell out her own child.  The  first call she should have made after the CPS pimping organization left her house, was a good lawyer and filed a suit against them for threats made to this mother.

Its time to start taking names and making lists, and refreshing your  memories from time to time.  Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves if they saw what we put up with today, starting with the TSA and all right on down the line.  They are so lucky they are not messing with me and my generation.They are used to brutalizing the pals and thought they could come over here and do the same thing,  WELL, WRONG!!! Take your corrupt dual Citizens, perverts and satanists and get the F out of this country NOW.  As a people, we have become to damn nice and passive.  Its time to get some balls and do what should be done in ridding us of this plague upon the planet. 

State Threatens To Confiscate Child For Drinking Goats Milk

(Thomas Dishaw) This is a warning to any mother who wanders off the reservation by replacing the toxic baby formula many families feed their children and upgrading to a more natural and healthy alternative such as goats milk.

17 year old Alorah Gellerson was reported to  Health and Human Services by her doctor for not following the FDA’s guidelines on what your baby should ingest. Yes, the FDA has suggested guidelines that they would like you to follow when it comes to raising your child. You are not free to make these decisions anymore, the Government is here to do that for you.


Back to the story…Alorah, after having her first baby, was having trouble breastfeeding, a fairly common issue for new mothers.  Being the conscientious mother that she is, she came to the conclusion that goats milk would be a healthy alternative  for her son, and was happy with the results she saw.

“He’s a really good baby. He’s always happy. He likes to eat,” Gellerson said. As for the goat milk, she says “he loved it. We put celery juice in it and he just loves that and it worked really well with his body and he grew like a weed.”

Mothers like Alorah apparently have to be dealt with.  How dare she make a personal health decision in the privacy of her own home that will affect her child’s well-being!  Thankfully we live  in a total police state where parents have no rights, and we must commend the Department of Health and Human Services for threatening to place the child in foster care.  (VN:  Yes, that way he can get early sexual training  and indoctrination to the field of  Pedophilia.  Now that mother should be happy about the CPS doing such work for the pedophiles and her son. NOT!!!)

Unfortunately Alorah has complied and given into the states requests that her child be placed back on the toxic cocktail of baby formula, but to her disbelief the harassment hasn’t ended. “I hope this all goes away. It’s been so terrible and hard on us. We’re just trying to live our lives and they keep bothering us. I just want it to be all over.”

It saddens me to see this family give into the states wishes.  Hopefully the parents will understand this isn’t about what they are feeding their child, it’s all about the master plan to destroy parental rights, wage war on the  family and ultimately imprison your  child in a state run foster care system.


- See more at: http://govtslaves.info/state-threatens-to-confiscate-child-for-drinking-goats-milk/#sthash.a8TWdXTy.72bSsFdM.dpuf

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