Tyranny For Profit

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Vatic Note:  Rothschild  made it clear that the reason they would prevail in his plan is because there were many traitor citizens,  who benefit from the scam and would not turn on them, and he was right.  He knew human nature better than we do.  This story will make you sick.   How many cops will be willing to shoot an unarmed civilian if ordered to do so?  We already know, don't we?  A lot of them.  How many average Americans would sell out their fellow man and country for a paycheck?  

This story below answers that question very well indeed.  This man should be boycotted by every single citizen in his town.  As well as any official paid by the taxpayers that also does this kind of unethical practices.  What has hit me hard, is  how successful their social engineering has worked.   They are brilliant, but psychopathic, and that is a deadly combination.

I would like to have you view all of this below in a context that no one has ever done before.   I intend to put up a portion of a blog coming on sunday, and do it here so you can see this is not near as seriously considered as it needs to be.  This blogger is right and more so than he even knows.  Check out this text and links and then watch the video all the way through and understand our choices are a lot more   serious than he even has stated or maybe even knows.

I would like you to read and watch this first,  then read the article and understand just how absolutely livid you should be for you, your family and your nation.   If we do not kick the Israeli's and their dual citizens in leadership positions, out of here, then we will get what we deserve.  This that I am putting up confirms that totally. 
Here is the partial text and video. REad the links, because this below shows how long they had all this planned and implemented most of it so far.

"so we were lucky to fall into the pieces that prove what she is saying. Remember, we also proved these royalty and khazar Zionists were also satanists, and evil is their sustenance.

We did a blog on Israel's Project Bluebrain.... then we showed in another blog, the scars on Obama's head on both sides.  I kept saying "Obama has nothing to do with all that is going on.  He is handled by his foreign controllers".  Then we did a blog just on why Presidents are afraid of the CIA.  I could add Mossad into that, since MI6, Mossad and the CIA work jointly for the globalists and not for their nations people. They are the assassination arm of the globalists.  Then we published the "The Lawful Path:  Silent weapons for quiet wars".   That was first put out by Bilderbergs in 1958 as we stated and then it was revised in 1979, given the technology at the time, to incorporate its use into the social engineering. Then we documented the assault against the family as part of reproductive control over humans, by teaching kids at grade school level about Gay sex.

Then we discovered they were making artificial ovaries...where eggs can mature outside the human body, so that the state can control the input and outcome.  They also created an artificial womb, and as of march 2011, they had it partially working, and by now is probably done.  It appears that my blog on that was gutted, so I had to quickly find something else.  Here it is.   See how much of this has been verified by this document she found on NASA's website?  All of this above and below is the total genocide of human kind as a species.

That is not the half of it.... what about the plasma weapons, and low frequency weapons that we covered on a blog on here?

Now here is the video as well.  (WARNING: this could also be a set up by NASA to get us to do the revolution they need to win WW III and we lose it.  You check this out and decide.  Its hard these days to know which is which.  One thing is for certain, we need to "walk our talk.").


Tyranny For Profit


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Tyranny seems to be as much about getting rich as it is about getting power. There is the example of Michael Chertoff, ex-Oberstgruppenfuhrer of the Heimatsicherheitsdeinst – who made millions via the TSA porno scanners which are now part of the Submission Training every American who wishes to fly must endure. The maker of the porno scanners – Rapiscan – was a client of The Chertoff Group. At least $118 million of your dollars have gone to Rapiscan (and to Chertoff, personally) to facilitate your degradation at the airport of your
choice.   But, he’s a big fish.
Smaller fish are just as hungry for your money – and your liberty.

For instance, there is Allan Marx. He is an Ordnungspolizei Obersturmfuhrer (police lieutenant, pictured at left ) in Sebastian County, Arkansas who is pushing hard for OralTox test swabs (see here) to be used upon motorists at Fourth Amendment-free “sobriety” checkpoints.

 It just happens that Marx is also a distributor for the product – and thus, stands to profit handsomely at the expense of his fellow citizens’ liberty.

OralTox test picturesMarx says:

“If there’s ever a new way, a new tool that we can use to help not only law enforcement but help the public and the safety of the people out there, it needs to be used.”

Always with the “tools” – and, of course, the “safety.”

No mention of the dollars involved.
Each case of OralTox swabs retails for about $300. Each case contains 25 individual tests. How many people are forced to run a single Fourth Amendment-free gantlet in a single county on a single night in Sebastian County, Arkansas?

How about the state of Arkansas?

Writ large – if this business goes nationwide – Marx, et al, stand to become very rich indeed. Oklahoma, North Dakota, Missouri, Michigan, Colorado, Utah and – of course – New York have already signed up. Who needs the free market and its bothersome demand for non-coercive free exchange when you can use the power of the state to force people to subsidize your product or service? Just get a law passed – and back up the Brinks truck. Policing for Profit. “Security” that pays.

 It’s the wave of the future.

But the money’s a side issue, of course. Despicable as it is to profit off the police state, the police state is itself far more despicable. How did we allow things to come to this?

To accept being felt up, now swabbed – and probably soon, DNA-typed – by costumed cretins as a routine thing? To stand (or sit in our cars) meekly awaiting our turn?

Consider where this may lead. Where it will probably lead.

The principle of random testing at gunpoint of people’s body fluids – vis-a-vis Obamacare. The government is now interested in your “health.” That is, your health is no longer your business.

It is their business.
Is it lunatic to hypothesize that, perhaps, the same government that insists it must inspect at gunpoint your saliva (or draw your blood) to determine whether you may have partaken not merely of alcohol but any illegal substance (the test strips can detect traces of marijuana, amphetamines, opiates and probably many other things besides) will want to know via the same means whether you’re a smoker?

Have too much cholesterol in your blood? All such factors affect one’s health, potentially – and when health care is a collective enterprise, others – via the government – have a kind of stock-share assertion of ownership in your health.

The question before us is, simply: Will we endure it? More precisely put: Is there anything we will not endure when authority barks “security!” – or “safety!”  in our faces?

I sense that many are growing weary – and becoming angry. I am among them. Perhaps you are, too.

I believe the time has arrived for action as much as the time for mere talk is, unfortunately, passing. Our pleas for reasonableness have fallen on deaf ears. No, worse. On ears that hear – but hold us in utter contempt. Who regard us as cattle. To be ordered and herded, always with the prod – never by appeals to reason.
I fear we face a stark choice. It will be either Submit and Obey. Or it will be resistance. By which I mean a refusal to play along anymore. By saying No! – and meaning it.

The first step along that path is the ethical-philosophical awakening that is taking place all over the country. It began in pockets, here and there. It is coalescing into an awareness that the system is rigged, that neither the front men and apparatchiks of Team Red nor Team Blue have anything other than their own lust for power and riches at our expense on their minds.

It has got to stop.

But it will be up to us to stop them.
Throw it in the Woods?

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Vatic Master: Go to Airports and look at the Babylon Storm Troops in Black Uniforms (Dept. Of Homeland Security) DHS. Look at their faces when they buy coffee at Dunkin Donuts or are walkling around. Look at their eyes. Most are Nephilim Super Soldiers programed to be triggered to become Super Soldier Killers. They are Sleepers.... They are just a few of the Cybords and genetically made Nephilims that have infiltrated all government agencies....