Vatic Alert: 5:11 pm - 8/19 - Are Space Lazers being used against the sun, to create Weaponized CME's to Depopulate the Planet?

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Vatic Note: MAKE THIS GO VIRAL ASAP.  The blogs are warning us that a series of these CME's are coming and will destroy everything in its path.  That means another DAMN FALSE FLAG AND ITS TIME THIS ALL STOPPED. This kind of a weapon in the hands of the terminally insane and psychopathic is dangerous not only to this planet but to the entire Universe.

These people must be thrown out of our country and hopefully off of this planet.  Remember they are NOT JEWISH, they are khazar pagan/satanists of the turkit line out of central south Russia. They  migrated into eastern europe when their country was disbanded, and have taken over banking internationally to pay  for their revenge.  Its important this gets stopped ASAP.  Watch the video and the evidence they have gathered. 

Call your senators and congressmen right now and tell them the dual Israeli citizens in our military are using our space lasers to create weaponized CME's to throw at the earth which can result in an extinction level event.  These people are absolutely and irretrievabley insane.

Is this why they killed all those British scientists that worked on Star wars in the 80's? Remember when all those birds fell dead from the sky, and the crabs and fish were washing up on shore in record numbers.  Something killed them all at the same time.  I believe that was the war game for this little jewel TELL YOUR REPS THIS HAS TO STOP AND THEY HAVE TO DO IT, NOW!  This is way out of hand.

Tell, them to work with all countries on the planet to bring down all zionist bankers and their minions and dual citizens who are at the highest levels of gov and have access to this technology.  This is their depop plan and they have been war gaming it for several days now.  See video below showing what they have done so far.


                    This is an animated still of what it looks like

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