The Arrival Of Project Blue Beam On Our Doorstep? Government Plans Fake Alien Invasion To Usher In World Peace

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Vatic Note:  Now you can decide for yourselves, but I consider this a disinfo piece by Mark Dice and Live Free and Die.  Why?  Because the Iron Mountain Report back in 1966 not only recommended alien invasion but also recommended, major ECO DISASTERS to force us to globalize to deal with them.  That brought to mind the Gulf blow out that we proved was a false flag and the report also said that if the ecodisasters did not work, then we could revert to the alien invasion.  Mark is trying to suggest that we all  knew it was considered a hoax and was not a serious report.  I am sure the powers that be would like us to believe that.

What they are saying on this video, is it was all a hoax and satire. Now why did Mark bring this up?  No one I know ever thought or said it was a hoax.  Think about it, until recently do you remember anyone in the far distant past ever said it was a  hoax or satire?  I don't remember that at all.   Well, maybe it was and the Powers that be decided to use the recommendations anyway and that is how we got the gulf blow out. However, how likely is it, that would happen spontaneously by these anal rententive control freaks, who have to tell us in advance all that they do to us, and to war game everything in advance

A movie was done a year before and released 9 months before the gulf, called " The Knowing " with Nicholas Cage and guess what?  It was exactly what happened in the gulf a full 9 moths before it happened.  Given so much evidence that this was a planned event, and so little evidence the Iron Mtn Report was a hoax.  I am inclined to believe the report is real.  Its too late for them to salvage the alien invasion option.  They have done bogus leaks on disclosures  since the gulf blow out fell apart and ABC did a "SCARE PIECE" on the intel from an insider that an alien invasion was likely if not iminant.  We did a blog on it, when it happened.
Without the alien invasion, they have run out of all their false flag options. They must be desperate to risk exposing their disinfo agents; on the net, using this flimsy bogus report. Even the "one world religion holograph" that was planned is now busted. We are hearing them, back to talking about the Anti-Christ and its now switched from Obama to Prince William. That should be fun to watch them false flag that one.


The Arrival Of Project Blue Beam On Our Doorstep? Government Plans Fake Alien Invasion To Usher In World Peace
by Live Free or Die, Before It's News

Is ‘Project Blue Beam’ ready to be ushered in, bringing with it a ‘fake alien invasion’ in an attempt to bring about ‘world Peace’ as this video from Mark Dice suggests? For anyone who believes that ‘Project Blue Beam’ is merely another ‘conspiracy theory’, I’d suggest that you watch this video that comes complete with PROOF that the US government has ALREADY planned ‘Project Blue Beam’ events and has the technology to do so. Will we soon witness ‘the return of Jesus Christ’, planned and brought to you by the US Pentagon?


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American Action Report said...

An unspoken problem with the fake alien invasion to jump start the economy is, no one has questioned whether economics works like that.
Contrary to what Karl Marx wrote, war doesn't create prosperity; it creates debt. Add to that that debt based on bonds is double debt plus compound interest.
That's the biggest hoax of all.

Vatic Master said...

Amen, AAR, you are so right and I am sorry I missed that since I actually know better. LOL