VATIC CHANGE OF PACE - Britain’s Got Talent 2015 - Semi-Finals Welsh Choir Côr Glanaethwy Performs “The Prayer”

Vatic Note:    Watching this and seeing so many other actions by so many people, explains why the powers that be are having such a God Awful hard time achieving their Satanic agenda.   The world is changing right before our eyes and its working to the good.  If we all join in to promote peace, love, forgiveness and non judgementalness and ignore all efforts to go to war and kill each other off, then it will all end.  (There are 3 videos with the third one highlighting the negative problems these children live with every day and the turning around of those into positive ways of existing.  The 3rd video is my favorite since it relates so directly to all our problems world wide laid out for us by the Satanic Khazar Bankers. 

Its our counterforce to their tremendous and long time efforts to destroy the beauty of this planet and her people, cultures and goodness that is associated with being caring, empathic, high integrity, good neighbors and community to each other.   What I am finding amazing is that the protocols recommended attacking our children to lead them into evil ways so they become evil adults, but the opposite is what is happening, as this video below proves it.

This video below proves just how beautiful and soulful children really are and why the Satanists fear their purity and try to destroy it as a sacrifice to satan.  So far, like everything else,  they are failing and will go down in the end.  Remember, two things.

One, Music is food for the soul/spirit and without it, the soul/spirit atrophies and diminishes and dies........ Two -  Children are the pure light of Christ, and pure spirits when they come here.  So, it is only fitting that these pure souls/spirits should be fed with the music that means so much to them and others within the welsh community.  Take the time to look at all these childrens faces as they perform these songs in the Welsh Language, which is disappearing in Wales. You can see and feel the power, coming from this united, as they are, in this act of soul/spirit feeding...... This is well worth a good listen, as they were amazing.

Pay attention today, as we have more blogs going up to prove it.   One of them highlights a restaurant that shuts down for public business on a money making day and feeds the homeless for 5 days at no cost to anyone except the owner.

Compare that, to the bogs we posted that showed the efforts by the evil ones to kill off the homeless by arresting anyone trying to feed them at no cost anyone else.  We have seen that time and again, but now we are seeing the opposite occurring from the people themselves and its having its impact.  This is why the evil ones are 15 years behind in their agenda.  KEEP GOING, KEEP LOVING, KEEP SERVING OTHERS IN NEED AND KEEP COMMUNITY ALIVE AND LOVING EACH OTHER. MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS INDEED A "SPIRITUAL WAR" AND WE MUST WIN IT. 

Britain’s Got Talent 2015 - S09E08 Semi-Finals Welsh Choir Côr Glanaethwy Performs “The Prayer”
By Admin, J Haines, Co-creating our Future planet,  July 10, 2015

Published on May 25, 2015
Thanks to J.

The 160-plus-piece choir from Wales had the audience and the Judges enthralled with their mesmerising audition.


VATIC NOTE:  We are adding this second video because its even better than the first, if that was even possible.  Again, watch the faces of the children and see and feel the power of the vibrations that eminate from this group of 160 children.   Imagine what that could be like if adults retained their innocence and purity as much as possible and put it forth as these children are doing.  They or We could change the world right now.    Please enjoy this second one as well.


VATIC NOTE:  This one made me cry!!!!   Now comes the third video with a different group, of boys only and they talk about how bad things are in Wales for the young people and reviving and retaining the Welsh tradition of men singing.

This was extraordinary and well worth the watch.  Its amazing how talented all these kids are who were just living ordinary lives and got to experience some very extraordinary experiences to take with them into their adult lives.  Who knows what a difference this will make in their adult lives.

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