Pentagon Treason, Hoax Number 3 Today Alone

Vatic Note:  What I want to know is "WHO" in the Pentagon is the Traitor?  is that why so many top level military leaders were purged from the pentagon by both Cheney and Obama??? They were either going to report this to the public, or resisted such plans and thus were released from duty? I think its time we put out names of the offenders, after verifying the fact they were culpable. 

And now we find out that the DAILY BEAST is an Israeli/Khazar backed publicaton, so watch out for what they put out.  Jane harmon is behind it and she is pure khazar Zionist, as we all know from her time in congress, when she worked for Israel and not her constituency.

I also remember, when this happened, the khazar zionist owned press said nothing about the gas having come from Israel or Turkey, rather it said that Assad gassed his own people.   So the press is up for indictments and trials for role in all of this.  I am sick of us having to dig up our own news and truth.  That was the press's job and they are failing at it, miserably.  They are proving that we don't even need a press anymore..... since we have been exposing so much ourselves.  Its nice to have one you can trust, but not necessary now and more and more citizens are turning to the alternative press for truth and exposure of that truth.  Our people are finally waking up, thank goodness.  Its well past time.

I think we should have gone further with this and called for more than  just an investigation on psychological operations, but on the entire ISIS FRAUD perpetrated by a foreign ally, using USA citizens tax resources to do it, especially resources in the pentagon and in the CIA and Homeland Security, that has been run by Dual Israeli citizens to insure Israel's interests in their actions.

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We count on you to help us achieve that agenda by using our EXPOSURE to all their deeds, as a weapon of mass destruction, that means distribute this and make it go viral, especially to your congressman and senators.   So many people are truly waking up that I have never felt more encouraged as I do right now, so lets keep the heat on and finish this once and for all.  God Bless you all and keep you safe and secure.   Whether you do anything or not, they intend to keep going until "we" put a stop to it.  Its all up to us.

Pentagon Treason, Hoax Number 3 Today Alone
By Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor,  Veterans Today, Sept 3, 2015

From Israel's "Daily Beast," attempts to blame Assad for Turkish gas shells
Turkish intelligence unit firing poison gas into Syria

The Pentagon sent this article out to all military, members of congress and military retirees in their Early Bird “best of the news.”  There have been nothing but hoaxes and lies coming out of the Pentagon now indicating that those running the Pentagon’s news service are in the pay of a foreign government. (VN: that is called "treason", pure and simple and it a death penalty offense in time of war.  If we are not at war right now, then I don't when we have ever been at war as defined by our actions.)

All of this has been timed to “put the ketchup back in the bottle” after the huge defeat Israel suffered yesterday in American politics.

Here is what can be proven to be true:
  • Chemical weapons used in Syria, including Sarin gas, came from a Defense Department facility in Tbilisi, Georgia.  We have witness statements, photographs, plans for the labs, all published in Russia and the US including a television documentary seen around the world.
  • Turkish authorities have repeatedly found chemical weapons facilities inside Turkey that supply ISIS and her “sisters.”  Turkey’s intelligence agencies have quashed investigations but they have still been widely reported.
  • On the other hand, the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, source for these stories has been exposed as being financed by Radio Liberty and the CIA and managed by Booz Allen Hamilton, a CIA contractor.  We have repeatedly found the SHRO operating with ISIS forces including recently inside Syria where their offices were above an underground chemical weapons storage facility.
We now call for an investigation of Pentagon complicity in a psychological warfare operation in support of the Islamic State, the SHRO and the use of chemical weapons against the Kurdish, Iraqi and Syrian people.
One last point:  We have absolute proof that the Pentagon has no intelligence capabilities in either Syria and Iraq and actually receives its intelligence from ISIS press releases.  If only I were making this up.
Seems like they are too busy tapping our phones here and scaring the poor Texans with Jade Helm.  This is why, week before last, the Pentagon was charged with supplying congress and the president “cooked” intelligence on the Middle East.
It is treason.
The article below is from the Daily Beast, owned by Jane Harmon, former member of congress and accused Israeli spy.  Look that one up.
(VN:  she is definitely not one to be trusted with "TRUTH". )

Where Did ISIS Get Its Chemical Weapons?

The terror group is suspected of using mustard gas in a series of recent attacks, and a notorious Dutch jihadi says it’s from Assad’s stockpile. But U.S. officials beg to differ.

An infamous Dutch soldier turned ISIS fighter says the group has acquired chemical weapons once belonging to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, resurrecting fears that what was supposed to be the regime’s destroyed program has instead fallen into jihadi hands.“The regime uses chemical warfare on a regular basis these days, and nobody bats an eye—yet when [ISIS] captures it from them and uses it against them it’s all of a sudden a huge problem?”
ISIS fighter Omar Yilmaz, 27, said in a Tumblr post. “Fight them the way they fight you.”The post marks the first time a public ISIS figure has declared that the group obtained chemical weapons from the Assad regime. And it comes just days after the first series of suspected ISIS mustard gas attacks in northern Iraq and Syria.
On Tuesday, Kurdish forces said ISIS fired a homemade rocket filled with chemical weapons at peshmerga forces. In a suspected Aug. 21 attack in the northern Syrian city of Marea, at least 25 people were contaminated. 
And on Aug. 13, Kurdish officials in Iraq said 60 peshmerga were exposed to mustard gas in the northern Iraqi city of Makhmour. Pentagon officials believe there is credible evidence that mustard gas could indeed have been used in the two August strikes.
Read more at daily beast (no link offered…too stupid for that)

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