Baltimore Restaurant Shuts Down For 5 Days To Feed The Homeless Free Food

Vatic Note:   This below is a perfect example of deep empathy exhibited by the owner of this restaurant.   She has clearly "felt" the hopelessness of these people, that she serves, so its not just food that she is supplying that is definitely needed, but its the feeling that someone "understands and cares"! That is a prescription for dealing with feelings of helplessness.

I referenced this article in a previous blog to show just how rapidly and dramatically that the people of this world are changing and ironically, this change toward compassion and humanity was triggered by the actions of the Satanists and their evil agenda.

It has definitely back fired on them. It is definitely a case of "OUT OF EVIL COMES GOOD!"   We are coming together like never before.  Thanks goes out to all of those who can deeply feel the pain of another and try to do something about it.   God bless you all for doing so.

If everyone did that,it could change the world.   Simply, ALWAYS ask yourselves "WHAT IF I WERE IN THEIR SHOES, HOW WOULD I FEEL???" and if you do that, you will have achieved the empathy needed to heal the person you are trying to help.  Believe me, it works.  The world needs more of it.  Then manipulation by the evil ones will fail, if we are remain united in our common well being.

Baltimore Restaurant Shuts Down For 5 Days To Feed The Homeless Free Food
By Admin, Jhaines6a,  July 10, 2015

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(John Vibes)  Each year, Baltimore restaurants look forward to “restaurant week”, a time where the city’s food is showcased and businesses are able to get a ton of free advertisement and new customers.
Instead of cashing in like everyone else, Michael Tabrizi, owner of “Tabrizi’s” will be closing his business to the general public in order to feed the city’s homeless at no cost.

“I decided that, after all of the chaos earlier this year, it would be better to do something for the city to unite the people. It isn’t about revenue and money right now, we’ve done restaurant week before and we know the numbers, but right now it’s more important to promote the welfare of the city and its residents rather than to promote the business,” Tabrizi told Baltimore Magazine.
“These people don’t only suffer from hunger, but also from hopelessness, they feel that they don’t have any dignity anymore. We want them to come in and feel like they’re cared for,” he added.
To get the food for no cost, Tabrizi has teamed up with local homeless shelters who donate food and time to the cause.
“The main goal is just to show people that actions do matter. Baltimore has a long way to recover and we can’t just rely on other people to lead. It’s our city. My dad used to always say, ‘You can’t control what people do and say, but you can control how you act.’ My reaction is bringing people together and showing them that I care,” Tabrizi said.
The charity effort will be taking place between July 20th and 25th.

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