Are Different Factions of the Illuminati at War with One Another?

Vatic Note:   I love finding and giving good news.   If true, then I hope they never get back together again.   Frankly, I don't blame them.   Whoever was in charge of all the false flags screwed them up so badly that they got caught on every single one of them and that is pure incompetence which is great for us, but not for their unseen partners.

I am wondering if the failures on all these false flags is the reason for the split? I am going to try to find out more about the split, if I can and if I do, I will report back through an update.

In the mean time so far I am holding  back my final decision on this guy.  Having said that, we did a blog a while back, proving that these Kurds and Royal Houses of Saud were  very much from the khazar faction of the Illums and were themselves Khazars.

Now how are we suppose to take this man seriously when he is still alive after supposedly spilling the beans on the Illums. This is going to have to be a wait and see proposition. The illums have killed of more people for exposing a lot less.  So read and watch with a judcious eye.... and hold off deciding until we can find out more about him.

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Are Different Factions of the Illuminati at War with One Another?
By Admin,  Humans are free,  September 2015

I have been hearing some people say that the most powerful secret society called the Illuminati has broken up into different factions and some of these factions are at war with one another.

This could explain why the stock market is in a state of high volatility. What you need to know about the stock market is that it is controlled by the Illuminati.

The Zionist faction of the Illuminati controls a large section of the stock market and the global financial system.

Stock Market Crashes and Economic Crises are Engineered by Secret Societies

There is no doubt that a financial war is going on behind the scene among secret societies. The wars in the Middle East are also wars among secret societies.

These secret societies are using naive military personnel to do the dirty work for them, such as killing and stealing from the common people and destroying nations that are a threat to the New World Order (NWO).

According to the video in this article, the secret societies controlling Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) have decided to break the Illuminati treaty and create their own financial system and power structure. My intuition tells me that there is some truth to this.

According to the video, the Zionist faction of the Illuminati is not happy with the actions of the BRICS nations and has declared war against them.

The Zionists are using their financial system and advanced financial software to destroy the stock market of China and destabilize the global financial system. The P2 Freemasons, the Nazis, the Vatican, and other factions of the Freemasons are also part of this struggle for power.

Who will end up at the top? Only time can tell.

One thing you should know about the Vatican is that it is part of the Old World Order (OWO). The Vatican has been infiltrated by certain secret societies (i.e., the Illuminati) of the NWO.

If the Illuminati treaty has been broken for good, the Vatican is most likely back to its old hidden agenda again, which is to make the Pope the ruler of the world. This could be why the Vatican is supporting the BRICS nations instead of the Illuminati-Zionist controlled New World Order.

If the different factions of the Illuminati are seriously at war with one another, then the collapse of the stock market and global financial system will be imminent in the near future.

Even if a miracle prevents it from collapsing in the next few years, a drastic change to the global financial system will still happen very soon.

In my first seminar about the debt system, which I presented to the public on February 15, 2015, I told people to prepare for this economic crisis.

It looks like my prediction was not that far off. I actually felt this crisis coming in late 2009, which was why I wrote about it in my book Staradigm.

Why We Need to Stop Supporting the Systems of Secret Societies

To create a better future for the human race, we the people of the world need to stop supporting the systems of secret societies as much as possible and create our own systems that work in harmony with nature.

Once we do this, we can replace our constructive systems with their destructive systems and completely stop supporting their con game to enslave the human race.

If we do not stop supporting their systems in the near future, the secret societies of the New World Order or the Old World Order will enslave us under their one world government. In reality, they have already enslaved us, but they are not satisfied yet so they want to enslave us even more.

Most, if not all, secret societies are addicted to money and power and are often controlled by psychopaths.

When you give psychopaths money and power, they always use them to control and enslave the public. This is what has happened to the human race. Our civilization is controlled by psychopaths!

Secret societies always have their own selfish agendas and therefore they do not have the public’s best interest in mind. Many members of secret societies think they are better than the rest of us because of their status.

Some of them even think that they are the “chosen ones” and therefore they deserve to rule the human race. Be aware that not every member of secret society thinks like this.

A Great Interview to Watch to Learn More About the War Among Secret Societies

This morning (September 9, 2015) I finished watching the video below and was impressed with its information. However, I did not agree with everything in the video, but I did agree with a good portion of it.

In the video, Kerry Cassidy from ProjectCamelotPortal.com interviewed Kameran Felly, a Kurd and an Englishman who worked for many years in high level finance for the Illuminati.

In the video, Kameran Felly revealed some clues backing up his claims that a world economic collapse is imminent and major earth changes will be coming very soon, causing a lot of death and destruction throughout the world.

He said that these major earth changes will happen because of the incoming of planet X, also known as Nibiru.

I do agree with Kameran that a world economic collapse is near. What I do not agree with him is the major earth changes. I know we are currently experiencing earth changes, but I do NOT believe they will be as bad as what he said in the following video.

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