Zionism = Racist and Sexist Centralized MASTER/slave System

Vatic Note:   First, let me remind you that it was the khazars that started the slave trade that ended up here in America, so this is old profit making for these khazars.   This was blamed on the "Jews" but in fact it was the ashkenazi Jews from Europe that started it and they are fully khazars. 

It also mentions the Noahide laws below.   When was the last time we heard about them publically?   That was in 1991 when Bush Sr signed a resolution, in preparation for the khazars taking over this nation,  that placed the American Legal system off the 10 commandments and onto the Noahide laws.

Why is that bad????

Because the Noahide laws make it clear it is a crime to be a Christian or to even mention Christs name.   The penalty for being found guilty of such a crime is DECAPITATION.  Sound familiar???  Syrian "so called" rebels decapitated syrian Christians.

That proved to me that ISIS and other rebels were not semites, rather khazars, since they are the ones pushing and upholding the Noahide laws since before the Russian revolution when they killed 63 million Christians.  After that the church went underground as we saw when the Berlin wall came down.

Lets not forget, that the Khazars have been in control of the Jewish faith since 1100 AD.

So, what is a MASTER/SLAVE SYSTEM REALLY LIKE and what can we look forward to if these zionists succeed in their goal,  Especially our children???  TAKE A SERIOUS LOOK AT THESE TWO VIDEOS TO ENGRAIN IT INTO YOUR BRAIN, then look at your children in their beds and see what you now think....especially if you are a  fundamentalist Christian, IS THIS THE FUTURE YOU WANT FOR YOUR KIDS????  REMEMBER WHO GAVE US SLAVERY IN THE FIRST PLACE..... THE KHAZARS DID, NO ON EVEN DISPUTES IT ANYMORE.  I wonder if they sit on the Boards of the chocolate companies like Hershey chocolate. These kids in these videos are full out slaves, nice future, huh?  .

Zionism = Racist and Sexist Centralized MASTER/slave System 
By Blackbird9, What Really Happened,  September 13, 2015

Hmmmm, what is a “Jew”?

Well, from a system analysis perspective, Judaism is a “MASTER/slave” construct by axiomatic definition.
Always has been. Always will be. (VN:  That is why Khazars hung onto the Jewish normanclature, so they could confiscate those positions that serve them best and not be held accountable for them by anyone, since the 1100's they have been hidden and real Jews were blamed and that continued on until 2010, these khazars were well hidden until we exposed them all over the place.  We can thank Arthur Koestler for that since he is Jewish and wrote about the Khazars in a book called "The thirteen tribe"). 

Therefore, a “Jew” is a person who has a worldview that they are part of the “MASTER class” while everyone else is part of the “slave class” by this self-defining “natural order”.
The ancient racially-based “Noahide” system broke this construct down a bit further in the Jewish mythology of Noah and his three sons that formed the post-flood “New World Order”. This “natural order” was symbolized by the Rainbow as Noah’s son Shem was the “White son” chosen to be the “MASTER”.

Japheth was the “Brown Son” chosen to be the “Righteous Gentile” good servant who was rewarded. Ham was the “Black Son” who was “cursed” to a life of forced servitude and punishment.

Now notice,  these slave countries are also the poorest, so slavery doesn't work for the nation, only for the slave owners.   The Zionists don't care as Israel proves.   The way its run is on slavery and that is why many real Jews left Israel and went back to their country they adopted. We posted a blog on that a while back.   

The Noahide “Rainbow” of the Post-Flood New World Order:

Shem – White – Jewish MASTER (Intransigent Authority)
Japheth – Brown – Good Slave (Theory Y “Reward Incentive” Management)
Ham – Black – Bad Slave (Theory X “Punishment Incentive” Management)

When the Knights Templars returned from excavating under the Jerusalem Temple Mound in 1126 A.D., the Priory of Zion began to further expand this Noahide 3 layer model into the 7 Layer Models we find in The Talmud, The Zohar, The Kabbalah, The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage, etc.
It is around this time that we find the symbol of “The Hexagram”, which had previously been associated with various ancient Pagan Fertility Cults to represent the “Perfect Man” or “Alpha Male”, being introduced into Jewish culture first as a “Good Luck Charm” and later as “The Star of David” or “David’s Shield” around the 1600’s.
The traditional symbol of Judaism, The 7 Light Temple Menorah, representing the geo-centric model of the “7 Free Willed Planets” (The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and The Sun) would lose out to “The Hexagram” in 1897 AD when the First World Zionist Congress adopted it to represent “Greater Israel”.

“The flag of the First Zionist Congress”
Thus the modern “Centralized MASTER/slave” model of World Zionism reduces to:
Layer 7 – Jerusalem – The Capital of all World Religion, Banking, Media and Courts
Layer 6 – Alpha (Aleph) Class – Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates for “Jews Only”
Layer 5 – Beta (Beth) Class – Military/Police That “Protect and Serve” The Jews
Layer 4 – Gamma (Gimel) Class – Skilled Labor “Rewarded slaves”
Layer 3 – Delta (Daleth) Class – Unskilled Labor “minimum wage slaves”
Layer 2 – Epsilon (He) Class – Prison Forced Labor “unpaid slaves”
Layer 1 – Zeta (Vau) Class – unnecessary slaves that are “culled”

In all these Jewish constructs, one meme remains constant . . . The Jews define themselves as the “MASTER class” in each of these Supremacist models, hence the core of the historical “Jewish Problem”.
It should also be noted that “White non-Jews” are seen as an abomination to the “natural order” of these racist Talmudic Noahide Law models hence why we are seeing the 4th Generation Asymmetrical Warfare tactic of using “Immigration”/”invasion” into North America and Europe to destroy these "White non-Jew" cultures and create even more “failed states”.
As Jewish Supremacist Barbara Lerner Spectre proudly proclaims, "Jews" are behind this "White Genocide" agenda which has been rebranded with the Cultural Marxist "Politically Correct" title of "Multi-Culturalism".


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