United States Police Departments Being Trained By Mossad, Treat Citizens Like Terrorists

Vatic Note:  It appears that Israel is under the mistaken impression that they run the United States, but if they wish to do that, they need to at least find out what we are used to and how we operate, otherwise they will have a serious problem on their hands as became evident in the "Bundy Ranch" episode when hundreds of militia, armed, showed up to confront the "armed" BLM.

Its why the second amendment was passed as a last resort to save the nation from foreign invaders and their domestic enemies working for the foreign country involved..... wishing to confiscate our land and extract its resources for their profit and gain.  Empire building is not a good justification for harming our citizens and training our cops as a POLICE STATE MILITARY, when they were hired as "PEACE OFFICERS".   Big difference. 

It says here, that the police are now using much more violence with peaceful protestors and using material that does serious harm to the students.  If that is the case, then they can be citizen-arrested for felony, intentional assault and that is a jail time sentence for those found guilty and with the videos available of them doing that, its  a cake walk to take this before a jury who have students attending these schools and marches.   These students were no threat to anyone since they were unarmed.

This is exactly what Israel does in their own country, but we are not Israel, so they need to take that practice  back home and use it there, NOT HERE.  We would not tolerate that with the British in 1776 and we certainly do not intend to tolerate it here and now.

United States Police Departments Being Trained By Mossad, Treat Citizens Like Terrorists 
Published on Apr 5, 2012
US police forces train with Israel's Mossad agents, treating peaceful American protesters like terrorists, an online columnist tells Press TV. Experts say US police are increasing their use of excessive force against protesting students.

Earlier this week, US police used pepper spray and heavy-handed tactics against students in California's Santa Monica College against their college's tuition policies. A four-year-old girl is among the at least 30 victims. Last November, students at a University of California campus were also pepper sprayed by police. Press TV has conducted an interview with Allen Roland, online columnist, to further discuss the issue

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