Vatic Note:   What struck me first, right off the bat, was how these perverts have no creativity and thus must use what has worked in the past, and instead of experimenting and trying new things..... they simply war game the old stuff to death..... that is what we are seeing right here in this country.   

Bush Sr began the process of preparing America to be like pre WW II Germany, and we can see it with this history so clearly outlined below.   Watch for it and see just how familiar it sounds.  Keep the protocols handy to go check on it from time to time and see just how planned out,  all that is happening, was at the time both pre WW II and now, Pre WW III.   

Remember, of Hitlers top ten men in his government and party,  7 were zionist khazars.  That screams volumes, since our White House top leaders are khazars.  Why do you think both Bush Jr and Obama purged so many top pentagon officers out of the Pentagon?   Just watch and listen to all the videos we put up of the internview with the wife of one of the top level conspirators, and she really spills the beans. 

Their plan to depopulate the world includes using SOFT KILL methods, such as GMO, Chemtrails, vaccines, etc.  as well as sterilization through many methods and all of them undercover.  THAT IS WHY EXPOSURE AND SENDING THIS INFO VIRAL IS SO IMPORTANT.  In the process, they also plan to make billions off of the goyim by first making them sick as dogs before they die, and thus profit hugely from this plan. We are seeing it everyday as we speak.  Our ambulance is going non stop every day. Record cancer levels,  etc.  Please get this out to everyone you can. 

How The Jews Prompted A German Backlash
http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=40 By Brother Nathanael Kapner,  Real Jew News, 2012

JEWS WERE KEY ADVISORS of the Versailles Treaty of 1919 which carved Germany into pieces just after WWI. 

Rabbi Stephen Wise advised President Wilson about the impending treaty before Wilson left America for the Versailles peace conference. The Jew Bernard Baruch advised Wilson at the conference. British Prime Minister Lloyd George was advised by the Jew Phil Sassoon. French leader Georges Clemenceau was advised by his Jewish Interior Minister Georges Mandel aka Louis Rothschild.

Representing the American banking interests was Paul Warburg, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. His brother, Max Warburg, the head of the German banking firm of Warburg and Company, was there as a representative of Germany.
By the Treaty of Versailles the German people were thoroughly humiliated. The old Austrian Empire was balkanized and divided up into allotments satisfying the political intrigues of the architects of the Treaty. The Weimar government was forced upon the German nation and the communist Jewish leaders Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Leibknecht were agitating for revolution.
The German people were not unaware that the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution threatened their own national life. The historian Ernst Nolte and several other notable historians have argued that the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution was an important cause in Germany’s backlash against the Jews.
The Weimar government was comprised of many Jews. From the outset the Weimer government was criticized by ordinary Germans who were of the opinion that the Weimer government was allied with international Jewish bankers in signing the hated Versailles Treaty.
The famous stab-in-the-back legend soon began to circulate which rightly asserted that Germany had won the war in 1914, but had been betrayed by Jews who struck a deal with Britain to bring America into the war in exchange for the deed to Palestine.
Middle class voters soon became disillusioned with the Weimar government. Weimar’s constitution was written by the Jew, Hugo Preuss. The Jews under the Weimer Republic formed leftist institutions such as the Frankfurt School. Jews were theater producers, newspaper owners, poets, artists, and writers in the Weimar Republic.

SOCIAL MORES BEGAN TO DECLINE owing to Jewish dominance of the media and the arts, promoting sexual perversity and pornography. A leading artist of the time was the Jew and Spartacist communist, George Grosz, known for his pornographic paintings.   (VN: sounds like Israel khazars today, doesn't it?   Pornography is one of Israels biggest business in the Billions of dollars in revenue. This goes along with their legalized prostitution as well.  So, Israel's largest industries are perversion and war. Wow, this sounds like a Luciferian worshipping nation of khazars.)
The middle class thus turned their voting habits towards Germany’s National Socialist Party whose platform was to bolster Germany against the moral decline caused by influential Jews. By 1932 there were twenty times as many Jewish government officials in Germany’s Weimer Republic as had existed before 1919. Zionists of international attachments were insinuating themselves into key positions in the German administrative machine.  (VN: sounds like right now..... in the USA)
In September of 1933, Dr. Manfred Reifer, a well-known leader of the German Jews wrote in the Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung:

—— “Whilst large sections of the German nation are struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews fill Germany with our vociferations. We supply the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter. We ridicule the highest ideals of the German nation and profane the matters which it holds sacred.” ——

On January 30 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of the German Reich and the corrupt Weimar Republic ceased to exist. The German government began removing seditionist Jews from influential positions and transferring power back to the German people.

ON MARCH 24 1933 on the front page of the London Daily Express, appeared the headline: Judea Declares War On Germany: Jews Of All The World Unite. The headline followed with:

“The Israelite people of the world declare an economic war on Germany. It is not sufficient that we should buy no goods made in Germany. We must refuse to deal with any shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods. What we are proposing is to bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends” Here & Here(VN: don't forget this export trade is what brought Germany to the attention of the British and got them started in plans to bring Germany down.  Britain, at the time, was also run by Khazars, who are NOT Judeans. But the Brits  were trying, at the time, to rebuild and reclaim their global empire economically and Germany stood in the way.  Churchills mother was a khazar as were most of the worlds western leaders, including Russia.)
Hitler’s boycott order on March 28, 1933 was in direct response to the Declaration of War on Germany. Today, Hitler’s boycott order is described as a naked act of aggression, yet the circumstances leading up to the order are left out of even the most detailed histories of The Holocaust(VN: Well, the khazars pride themselves on their "masters of deception" manipulations to control the goyims view of the world.  This is just one example.  We now have many of our own right here in America.  Boy they weren't kidding when they said "HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.")

ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1938, an agreement was signed between Hitler and Great Britain’s Neville Chamberlain which called for a peaceful revision of the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles. A four-power conference was planned which would preserve the peace. The four powers were Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy.
An ambassador for the Munich Agreement, a Mr. Oswald Pirow, was sent to Germany to ease the tension on the Jewish issue. Neville Chamberlain told Pirow that pressure of International Jewry was one of the principal obstacles to the Munich Agreement and that it would greatly help him resist that pressure if Hitler could be induced to moderate his policy towards the Jews.
Pirow stated that Hitler viewed this idea with favour and an Anglo-German agreement was in sight. However, the Jews purposely put an end to this.
On November 7, 1938, the Polish Jew, Herschel Grynszpan, murdered the German Secretary of State, Ernst von Rath, in Paris. The five bullets fired were the logical result of the Jews’ Declaration Of War On Germany and put an end to the peaceful resolution of the European conflict envisioned by the Munich Agreement.
The assassination provoked an anti-Jewish backlash in Germany which in turn incited public opinion in Great Britain and the USA against Chamberlain’s efforts to relieve Anglo-German tension. In the United States Germans were assaulted and persecuted. The Jewish-controlled press and movie industry intensified its efforts in lobbying for an unpopular American role in pursuing a war against Germany.


IN 1941, LONG BEFORE there were any concentration camps, a prominent Jewish Zionist, Theodore N. Kaufman, wrote Germany Must Perish. The book enjoyed brisk sales, having been promoted by the New York Times and the Washington Post , both Jewish owned newspapers.  (VN: Check protocol #12 for the khazars plan to control all press and publications in order to direct and control Americans (and others) vision of their world.)

Kaufman set out a plan for the total destruction of the German population by a very simple method: the mass sterilization (VN: sound familiar?  Bill Gates and vaccines today?) of all German men and women between the age of puberty and sixty years. He described the plan thus:

—— “TODAY’S WAR is not a war against Adolph Hitler. It is a war against uncivilized, barbarian Germans who cherish darkness. The German people may seemingly adopt the superficial mannerisms of civilized peoples but all the while there remains ever present within them that war-soul which drives them to kill. And no amount of conditioning or civilizing will ever be able to change this basic nature.

“There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forever of Germanism - and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method is known as Eugenic Sterilization.” —— Here.
This book was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan of 1944 which strategized death by starvation of ten million Germans in the first two years after the war. Henry Morgenthau, who authored the Plan, was born to Jewish parents in New York City.

ON SEPTEMBER 11 1941, the American hero, Charles Lindbergh, gave his famous Speech which urged Americans to remain against American intervention of the European war:

“The Jews are one of the principal forces attempting to lead the U.S. into the war. The Jews’ greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our Government. I am saying that the leaders of the Jewish Khazar race wish to involve us in the war for reasons that are not American.” Here.

I GREW UP AS A JEW. Now at the age of 57 and an Orthodox Christian, no one is more qualified to expose the motivations and agenda of the Jews. The Jews present themselves as “innocent victims” of enemy #1 - Gentile Anti-Semitism! But the Gentiles are not buying this fraud any longer.   (VN: again, read the protocols, where they say to use "anti-semitism" as a war weapon of manipulation and control.  But ironically, they are NOT SEMITES, and hate Semites as much as they do the goyim.  The KHAZARS ARE THE BIGGEST ANTI-SEMITES ON THE PLANET, and also masters of deception and that is how they get away with it.)
What the Gentile enemies of the Jews need to do is to reclaim their Christian heritage and culture that the Jews are hell-bent on eradicating. The Jews began this “sterilization” of Christian culture with the French Revolution, as brought to the light by Nesta Webster in her 1922 book, World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization.
Today we see this “sterilization” of Christian culture with the efforts of the Jewish-led and funded American Civil Liberties Union, (ACLU) and the Anti-Defamation League, (ADL), which litigates against all forms of Christian expression in America’s & Europe’s public life. As a result, Jewish ideological expression, rather than Christian expression, now permeates all of Western Civilization.  (VN: we also saw it with Planned Parenthood, started by Bill Gates father,  that must now be controlled by the khazar Satanists since they are doing live birth abortions and confiscating organs from the fetuses and selling them off to willing buyers for extending life in adults.  Why do you think the Queen is almost 100 years old?  Same with Kissinger, Brezinszki, Rockefeller, etc?
Gentiles of the Western World! The Jews and their lies and their Anti-Christian crusade must be stopped! Reclaim your Christian heritage before it’s too late! There will be either a Christian America And Europe or a Jewish America And Europe. There is no in between!

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