Homemade Anti Nano Device – How to Get Rid of Nanoparticles in Your Body

Vatic Note:  Watch the video and read about the nanoparticle in a previous blog about this issue and why it is important to get rid of them. Notice lately the drug companies have raised the price of a infection fighting pills.  I just read that they raised the price from $1 a pill to $750 a pill.

That is outrageous and an example of why the Bible says that the likelihood of a Rich man entering heaven is as likely as threading a camel through the eye of a needle. If you care about the quality of life for your aging parents, then this below should be taken very seriously, and same for your weaker children as well.

This is not a pretty disease to get, if you even want to call it that, since its man made, and diseases are usually part of living within a natural world.  Not so with these man made kind of perverted critters that kill us off slowly.   But then I read that the Khazars like to give Satan what he wants which is a slow death with a great deal of suffering, as part of their offerings to Satan.

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We count on you to help us achieve that agenda by using our EXPOSURE to all their deeds, as a weapon of mass destruction, that means distribute this and make it go viral, especially to your congressman and senators.   So many people are truly waking up that I have never felt more encouraged as I do right now, so lets keep the heat on and finish this once and for all.  God Bless you all and keep you safe and secure.

Homemade Anti Nano Device – How to Get Rid of Nanoparticles in Your Body
Published By Is-Be, Before Its News, on Sep 17, 2015

Warning: this device can cause an electric shock if not handled properly. To avoid harm, please contact a professional if you are unsure about information provided in this video.

Anti-Nano device is basically a container wrapped with a copper wire like a coil around container. Then use a laptop adaptor cable to power the coil.

One thing we know for sure is that we are all infected.  This information comes at the time when we need it the most.  Hats off to Tony for sharing this with us. You can start the video at 7 minutes in. Incredible information.

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