Saturday, September 19, is Vatic Masters' Day Off And Will Return to Blogging on Sunday Sept 20, 2015

***We will be continuing our fund raising activity until the first, so even if we are off on Saturday,  we will still be asking for aid and assistance to keep the blog going, so please, if you can afford it, donate off to the right of this blog, at the pay pal button.

***FUNDRAISING STATUSWell, its that time of the month again.  We need to have help meeting our monthly deficit of $350 due by the first of the month and as you usually do, we know that you will help us to do that.  We are eternally grateful for that aid and assistance, since it allows us to continue our work.  What is encouraging is the massive changes we are seeing in the power grab by the khazars that is failing in many areas and all we can do is continue to push until they fail completely.

We count on you to help us achieve that agenda by using our EXPOSURE to all their deeds, as a weapon of mass destruction.   So many people are truly waking up that I have never felt more encouraged as I do right now, so lets keep the heat on and finish this once and for all.  God Bless you all and keep you safe and secure.  

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