MORE VATIC GOOD NEWS - Study Shows 'Conspiracy Theory' Insult Losing Power -

Vatic Note:  More Good news.....The Colbert Report has hit on an important story that shows movement in the direction we want things to go in,  and I have a story to prove this is true.   When I first started this blog back in 2010, almost 6 years ago,  I got called everything but a human being and I had never felt so alone, but kept pushing forward anyway, since the agenda was bigger than my ego, thank goodness,  so I didn't give up and I put it out there no matter what. 

That even included my family, some of who thought I was too paranoid, but now one brother is calling me a genius and others are finally waking up,  that is 8 of us now awake and aware, when previously it was only 1, which was me.

Well, 8 mos ago, one of those non family members that I had been telling all that I found and put up on the blog, called me and he and his wife were on the speaker phone.  He apologized profusely for calling me names such as "tin foil hat nut",  crazy,  Conspiracy Nut, etc.  He told me he wanted to make it up to me and gave me a car,  a 1995 Lincoln town car and I almost croaked since my car just had a bid for repair of over $800 and I simply could not afford it.   So I accepted his offer and I have been driving it ever since.

This was a conservative developer of huge land tracks, who was very successful and very conservative and simply could  not accept what I was saying.  The ramifications to his internal realilty was just too hard to accept, until finally, he could deny it no longer and I am finding that is the case for just about everyone I talk to.  ISIS and ISIL creation by Israel, MI6, and the CIA are now common knowledge and I am watching people reading MSM headlines about both, and laughing and when I ask "why are you laughing",  they say "boy, they really do think we are stupid.....  we know who is doing it and why and its not the arabs who are NOT ISIS OR ISIL."

That is what I find so encouraging.  Eventually they will try to pull off some massive depopulation act and try to blame it on nature, Russia, Muslims, terrorists and no one will believe it and it will highlight who really did it and that means they will become the center of the worlds attention and be brought down by doggone near every nation they have manipulated.  I can hardly wait.  I guess, exposure, is our WMD.   So get this out to everyone you know.

Study Shows 'Conspiracy Theory' Insult Losing Power -
By New World Next Week,  Published on Sep 10, 2015

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. 

In this week's episode:
Story #1: Colleges Brainwash Students Into Believing 9/11 Was Our Fault
Video: Children of 9/11 Want to Focus on the Future
Fundraising for AE911Truth Billboard in Downtown NYC
Video: Jon Stewart Lobbying to Renew 9/11 Health Programs

Story #2: Has 'Conspiracy Theory' Lost Its Negative Connotations?
‘Some Dare Call It Conspiracy: Labeling Something a Conspiracy Theory Does Not Reduce Belief in It’ by Dr. Michael Wood
Dr Michael Wood’s CV
Corbett Report: Episode 050 – The “C” word

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Media Monarchy’s 10th Anniversary
Media Monarchy’s Bitcoin Address

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Scientists to Reanimate 30,000-year-old ‘Giant Virus' Found in Siberia
China, Russia Building Database of US Intel Info
Guardian Article Calls City of London a Mafia
Hate Crimes Against Muslims in London ‘Up By 70%
Hate Crimes Against London's Jewish Community Surge by 93%
Kerry Called Netanyahu to “Reaffirm Commitment to Israel"
Wealthiest Arab States Take No Syrian Refugees, Citing Terror Risk
Like Israel & Saudi Arabia, the US Doesn’t Take Refugees, They Make Them
Congress Should Authorize War Against Islamic State
Cameron Wants Bombs for Peace By October

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